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As a blogger I get to try out new products all the time, which is usually fab! As I talk a lot about diets and weight loss and my own struggles with it, naturally I am approached by companies who deal with all sorts of diet aids and supplements. Some of them I try and they’re awful, but you won’t get to hear about them – I tend to err on the side of, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” I was sent ‘Skinny Sprinkles’ to try so the fact that I’m here and writing about them is already a good sign.

What are these mystical skinny sprinkles you mention?

Skinny Sprinkles are flavoured sachets that you dissolve into water and drink about half an hour before you eat a meal. They aid weight loss by promoting a feeling of full-ness, meaning you’ll eat less overall.

How do they work?

Like I’ve mentioned, they generally work by promoting a feeling of fullness, so if you drink it about half an hour before you eat then you’ll find you eat a lot less. I accidentally left a bit of ‘Skinny Sprinkle’ residue in the bottom of my glass and when I went back to it a couple of hours later it had turned to a kind of jelly. If a drink solidifies inside of you then yeh, that’s deffo going to make you feel full.

I’ve dealt with weight loss aids that claim to suppress your appetite, some work and some don’t. I’ve dealt with some that claim they prohibit fat absorption and to be honest they haven’t worked (unless you’re talking about the Dr prescribed ones but that’s a whole other horror story). The metabolism raising ones are frightening too as they generally raise your heartbeat to get your body working faster – there’s a reason why they’re banned in so many countries. So to have something that doesn’t really affect your hormones or biology in any way is refreshing.

And more importantly, DO they work?

They DID work for me yes. I felt uncomfortably full half way through my meals (and I’m the type of girl who will cry right through to the end of a dish no matter how full I am because I’m just that greedy) but I had to pass a few of my meals over to my husband to finish.

For the 10 days I was using Skinny Sprinkles, I did a bit of a scientific control in that I didn’t follow any other diet e.g. Slimming World. I didn’t go overboard either. I just ate kind of healthily but didn’t track my treats too much or use my food diary and of course I did visit a dessert only restaurant and didn’t hold back. Despite all of that I still lost 2.5lbs which is brilliant. I’d deffo be up for trying it again while following a diet plan to see how it boosts my average weight loss. Each sachet is 9 calories which would be about half a syn on Slimming World.

Anything else I think you should know?

Yes. It tastes absolutely fucking amazing. It’s candy apple flavoured and it’s just the right amount of sweet and sour. It deffo had me drinking loads more water because I actually looked forward to drinking it.

I don’t know if this was coincidence or whether it’s another effect of using Skinny Sprinkles but I was unusually regular toilet wise as well and I’m sure that deffo helped. It wasn’t that painful, “Omg I need to get the toilet right now because I don’t know if I can trust this fart” type thing either like the weight loss teas out there, it was just that I was nice and regular.

I want to know more…

For more info or to buy Skinny Sprinkles and try them out yourself, visit their website.

I received payment to review Skinny Sprinkles but all opinions expressed and weight lost is totally 100% my own, swear down, honest to god, not even messin.


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