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Let’s start off by saying weight loss is a topic that everyone’s got an opinion on – that’s a given. You can either be in the camp of ‘body positivity’ where you’re against diets of any kind and think you should love your body at any size and that’s very noble and commendable. You might subscribe to the school of thought that eating only lettuce and going the gym every day is the right thing to do and, yano, whatever floats your boat, that’s fine, you do you boo boo. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one, but what everyone doesn’t seem to understand is that not everyone’s opinion is the same as theirs and much like religion or veganism or whatever, no matter how loudly you shout about it, you just have to accept that no one else is as arsed as you are. So that’s me politely saying that if you don’t like what I’m about to talk about (Slenderpen) then that’s fine, I didn’t ask you to like it so… you’re free to go. And honestly, maybe think about not reading things you don’t like?

As you all know I’ve lost a significant amount of weight with Slimming World. I’ve joined many times before and been wildly unsuccessful because to be honest, my body doesn’t listen to the “I’m full” signals and just likes to keep on eating, so when Slimming World says unlimited pasta, amma gon’ go for it. Big time. The thing that’s changed for me this time is a bit more portion control and writing things down in a food diary.

I wanted to lose weight because I felt and looked uncomfortable at the weight I was after having Cora. I was unhealthy and it was getting to the point where the baby weight excuse just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I want Cora to grow up looking up to a mum who loves her body so that she can learn to love her body too rather than being on a diet from the age of 12 like me. Although I’ve not finished losing weight yet, I’m nearly there and I do love my body now. There’s not been many times in my life when I can genuinely say that.

Me before starting my weight loss journey

I’m near the end of my weight loss journey, I have just over a stone to go (and as we all know, the final stone is the hardest) and I’d love to get there by Xmas so I can eat my body weight in turkey, Celebrations and Pringles and still feel good in my skin. Although I’m 32 now, my goal weight is to be what I was when I was 18 and thought I was fat – but this time I’m going to appreciate it. That would make me bang in the middle of a healthy BMI (at the moment, I’m still classed as quite overweight).

I was asked to trial so-called “skinny injections” by Slenderpen and to be honest, the serial dieter in me was made up. I’ve tried all sorts of diet aids and had varying rates of success but nevertheless I’m still looking for the magic wand I can wave and suddenly be my perfect weight. Negative Natalies will be straight in there with the “Just diet and exercise” shout – well bish I have thanks very much, I’m just after a little push to get me over the finish line. My husband is also trialling it and he has zero willpower and a penchant for junk food.

  • It’s basically a daily injection you give yourself.
  • It’s UK approved and is available on the NHS but you have to meet certain conditions and fight for it as Orlistat is their drug of choice – so no, you’re not going to poison yourself with it.
  • It’s been used safely for years and years as a diabetic medication but one of the side effects is weight loss so it’s now been brought out as a weight loss aid.
  • It has to be prescribed by a doctor. Slenderpen has clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and Blackburn and it’s ran by private doctors. This isn’t some backstreet beauty clinic job.

Does it hurt?

I swear down on my life it doesn’t hurt. The needle is so skinny that you can literally watch as it goes into your skin and you won’t feel it, it’s the weirdest thing.

close up of Slenderpen needle

Do you feel ‘off your tits’?

This isn’t like diet pills (e.g. Stacks or T5’s), it doesn’t make your heart race. Thank god. Can’t deal with that at all.

How does it work?

I don’t know the medical stuff but basically Slenderpen just releases a hormone that reduces your appetite. Just like the pill or the injection releases hormones that regulate/stop your period. It deffo does work – I had a craving for a Big Mac meal and even though I was really hungry I ate half of it and literally couldn’t finish the rest. I’m the sort of person who’ll empty their plate no matter how full they feel but I just didn’t want the rest of it. I’ve been to parties where people have been round with plates of FREE food and I’ve been like, “Nah I’m ok yano.” My fat Friday takeaway nights have become more of a ‘fat few bites and I’m done’ night.

Does it translate into weight loss?

You betcha. This is a tough one – I had a bit of a mad week the week before I started it (I think I was due on and wanted to eat everything in sight) and I didn’t go to my Slimming World weigh in so I don’t know exactly how bad the damage was but I’m guessing about 4-5lbs based on my scales at home. The week after starting Slenderpen I’d lost all of that and a bit more and then the following week I lost 2.5lbs at weigh in (my usual loss is 1-1.5lbs). My husband, who hasn’t previously been dieting, lost 10lbs in his first week and 5lbs in his second.

Me one year on (and after 2 weeks of using Slenderpen)

Is it expensive?

Depends. It’s £200 a pen basically but it depends on dosage etc. The dosage you should work up to is 3mg but you start out on 0.6mg, so if you wanted to stay on 0.6mg you could and the pen would last ages. Also I only have a stone to lose so I will probably only need 1 pen and would I pay £200 to get to target by Xmas? Damn straight I would. Most people get to their goals within a couple of months (the more you have to lose, the quicker you lose it – bear in mind, I’ve already lost the majority of what I want to lose).

And that’s it! I’m not telling anyone what to do or saying anyone needs to lose weight or whatever ‘opinion pushers’ want to kick off about today, I’m just telling you about my experiences on it so far and IN MY OPINION, I’ve found it to be boss.

For any more information and answers to any questions, please contact Slenderpen or visit their website.


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