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When we talk about getting fit and healthy, one of the first things that pops into our mind is joining a gym. You sign up, pay a monthly fee, do a bit of cardio on the treadmill and then maybe do a few sets of weights and then that’s it – you’re on your way to be a shining example of health right? Hmmm, not necessarily. There are two types of health; physical and mental and they tend to go hand in hand. It’s difficult to achieve one without the other.  That’s why I’ve joined The Soul Gym.

Think about it. When you get in from work and you’re tired, you’re feeling down, you’re feeling anxious,depressed or stressed and the absolute last thing you want to do is get changed and go to the gym – it’s not your body that makes the decision for you. It’s your mind. When or more likely if  you actually make it to the gym, the exercise releases endorphins that lift your mood and help with your mental wellbeing as a by-product of you chasing physical health. The two are so closely linked.

So what’s The Soul Gym?

The Soul Gym is the brainchild of a lady called Amy Lawrenson who found herself in the midst of a mid-life crisis. I’ve had a quarter life crisis myself and it is no picnic. Amy was super miserable in her job and so she set up Silver Daisies AKA The Soul Gym as a way to help herself and to help others when it comes to positive thinking and strengthening and ‘working out’ their mental health.

It exists as a subscription based Facebook Group. You sign up here and she then adds you in to the group. She posts motivational videos and guided meditations and there’s a lot of chat amongst like-minded individuals with loads of tips and success stories being bandied about constantly – particularly after one of her retreats.

That’s right, it isn’t just a Facebook group. Amy runs positive thinking retreats, similar to body bootcamps, but for your grey matter. It’s a chance to get away from the daily grind, giving your mind a chance to wind down, empty itself and CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Down time is absolutely essential for good mental health.

The guided meditations offered by The Soul Gym are really useful. Maybe you don’t have the time to get ready, get in your car, go to a meditation class, drive back home etc etc or maybe you don’t have the time to attend a retreat BUT you must give yourself ten minutes or so a day, even if it’s in the bath or lying in bed at night just to declutter your mind. A sink full of dirty dishes would do your head in and a mind full of mess is more important than that after all.

This is actual footage of my mind vibrating on a higher level during a soul gym guided meditation

What exactly do you get as a member of The Soul Gym?

  • You get access to the closed Facebook Group – Silver Daisychain Soul Gym.
  • Direct one to one support from Amy
  • Support from other gym members on the same journey
  • A place to turn to at all hours of the day and night
  • Invites to exclusive positive thinking retreats before they go on general sale
  • Guided meditations
  • Motivational videos
  • Training videos to help you stay on the path of positive thinking and law of attraction
  • General bloody lovliness

I’ve been a member for the last month or so and it’s a gorgeous little place to go and spend a bit of time. It deffo beats subtweets and drama from the rest of social media anyway. Amy’s voice is really calming and relaxing and I could listen to her all day.

How much is The Soul Gym?

It’s a bargain like – way cheaper than an actual gym or meditation classes. it’s £69.99 for the year; that equates to £5.83 per month or £1.35 a week. Gorgeous.

Have you got any more info?

For more info you can visit Amy’s website – honestly The Soul Gym is just the tip of the iceberg of what she actually does.

How has The Soul Gym helped you Steph?

I’ve talked in the past about the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. I used to hate loads of stuff about my life – my job, my luck in love, my financial situation, my body. Hated it all. I read and it told me what to do but not really how to do it. It was only when I learnt ‘how’ to practise the law of attraction that my life started to change, and it really started to change very quickly.

I now have a job that I love, a man that I love, a child that I love, a body that I love and I’m lucky enough to say that I don’t have any financial issues. It’s been a complete 360 turnaround.

This all happened years ago but having something like The Soul Gym is perfect for those down days (because they do still happen – without the bad days there would be no good days, only days) and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it for someone who wanted to follow the law of attraction but was maybe struggling with putting it into practice.

Like Amy, I also wanted to take what I know and help other people change their life and that’s the reason why I designed The Scouse Bird Gratitude Journal. One of the things Amy encourages is an attitude of gratitude and something that really helps is sitting down at the end of every night and thinking about and writing down all the GOOD things you can take out of the day – even if you had a bad one. It can be as simple as, “Remembered to drink my cup of tea before it went cold and it was proper fit!”

Loads of the gratitude journals out there are really long winded and airy fairy so my one is dead simple, dead straightforward, nice and quick to fill in and of course there’s a bit of Scouse Bird sass in the inspirational quotes you’ll find in there. So if you’re looking for a new ‘gym kit’ for the soul gym then check out the gratitude journal on my shop. It’s also available as part of a #lifegoals mind and body overhaul kit along with a food diary, a pen, a weight loss tracker and a gym tote.

Thanks for reading you little fabheads and here’s to a healthy 2018.


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