Scouse Bird Problems – Stairs up to Liverpool One in front of escalator to be closed because, fuck that

Posted On: 09/09/2015

By: Carl Connor

Town Planners have concluded that the stairs in front of the large escalator on Paradise St. leading to Liverpool One are to be closed owing to lack of use.

Given that there’s a massive escalator behind them, they’ve chalked putting them there in the first place down to poor planning on their part.

Come on, who’s using these really?

There is the issue that the Jungle Rumble mini-golf is only accessible via the stairs, however a survey of attendees has suggested that the majority of the public would rather literally jump off when half way up the escalator than take the stairs.

“In fairness, what were we thinking?” queried Billy, Civil engineer, “No-one’s going, I tell you what, I’ve just scranned down a massive Nando’s, let’s take the stairs down”.

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