Talacre Beach Caravan Park: Cora's 2nd birthday weekend in North Wales


You can keep you Lanzarotes, your Majorcas and your south of Frances, the absolute best holidays when you were a kid were caravan or camping holidays in North Wales. Cones of chips, ice creams, a bucket and spade and building dens in the trees, is there actually anything better? That’s why we decided to take Cora to Talacre Beach Caravan Park for her second birthday.

Talacre has a reputation for being a bit tacky and I’m not going to lie, the bit down by the beach with the arcades and the chippy and the beach shop is totally tacky. It’s deliciously tacky. It’s the exact level of tacky you want when you’re a kid and when you have kids. Everything is bright and loud and exciting and it’s amazing.

However, Talacre Beach Caravan Park is like a whole other world. Yes it has a club with karaoke and entertainment, yes it has an on site chippy and yes it has a pool but you’d be forgiven for thinking that the rest of the site was in the middle of a forest somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It is absolute luxury.

Now 83% of the caravans and lodges on Talacre Beach Caravan Park ARE owned privately but you can rent them from the park too. This is primarily an owners park though and it shows. Everything is immaculately kept, everyone knows everyone – which is perfect if you have children because you know exactly who your neighbours are.

Another amazing thing about staying in North Wales is its proximity to Liverpool. You can literally leave work on a Friday and be on holiday in your caravan in time for tea. Even though we were technically on holiday for Cora’s birthday, her grandparents came down for the day to visit so she was absolutely made up. Here’s a little video I put together showing clips of how we celebrated Cora’s birthday and a few shots of the park and the facilities.

I’ve stayed on other luxury caravan parks before but they tend to be geared more towards adults and older clientele. It’s refreshing to see a park that has equal appeal to adults and children. There are play areas and pools and a kids club but by the same token, the site isn’t crawling with screaming kids. You’re basically guaranteed to get a chilled out ‘adult’ weekend away but your kids will get the fun and adventure they crave. It’s perfect. I’m in love.

Of course, with it being North Wales there’s absolutely tons of stuff to do in the surrounding areas. You can go to Rhyl for more fun and games, there’s castles wherever you look, you can visit the smallest house in Wales in Conwy and there’s even an amazing zoo for animal lovers.

We visited the Welsh Mountain Zoo as part of our weekend away and they even arranged a special treat for Cora’s birthday; we got to feed the lemurs, the penguins, the sea lions and the spider monkeys. it’s on of the best things I’ve ever done.

Sunglasses worn in this video: Style Hannah from my shop.

in January I wrote a post about my New Year goals and so far I’ve achieved two of them and I’m in the process of buying my ‘forever house’ to complete the third. I already know what one of my goals will be for next year; buying a caravan at Talacre Beach Caravan Park.

For more info and to book a caravan or a lodge with hot tub (like the one we stayed in in the video) then visit the Darwin Escapes website.



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