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When you think of a place that’s most likely to be home to the ‘world’s most expensive cocktail’ you’d probably conjure up images of a pretentious London hipster joint or a cool New York rooftop bar or even a decadent Dubai palace – but you’d be dead wrong.

This week, The Best City In The World™ AKA Liverpool became home to a drink claiming that very title. Kingdom Bar (famous for hosting a night so wild it made Scott Disick fall off the wagon and sent him on a month long, world-wide, marriage ruining bender – what, how were we supposed to know he can’t party like a Scouser??) has teamed up with designer boutique and wag spotting hotspot Cricket to conjure up a designer drink that’ll have you throwing snotty looks at your fella ‘cos he’s not a footy player.

“What have cricket got to do with bevvies?” I hear you ask. Well aside from the delicious cocktail (the ingredients of which I’ll come to in a minute), the cocktail, named “When Louis met Céline” comes with a free* designer Céline bag – this is the kind of cocktail i can get on board with.

*I say free, the cocktail will set you back £2500 so start saving those yearly bonuses and overtime pay packets.

Image courtesy of Liverpool Echo

As you might have guessed with a name like “When Louis met Céline” the cocktail has a French theme and in all fairness, it sounds fit. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make this cocktail yourself:

  • Remy Martin Coeur De Cognac (£40 per 70cl)
  • Grey Goose XV (£99.95 per 1L bottle)
  • Mandarin Liqueur (£26 per 70cl bottle)
  • Passionfruit liqueur (£16 per bottle)
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Egg white
  • Dash of orange juice
  • Ace of Spades champagne (£195 per 70cl bottle)
  • A Céline bag (at least £2000)
  • A VIP area including private table and roped off section
  • If you’ve got that much dough you can afford the staff to make it for you.
  • Put on new outfit
  • Get hair and nails did
  • Get delta to Kindom
  • Order it

Another one of the fab cocktails from Kingdom bar

For more information or to book a table or a private function at Kingdom, visit their website.



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