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We trialled her with Peppa pig and Teletubbies Live at the Empire and she was as good as gold so I knew that this winter it was time; Cora’s first panto. Being the ‘thinking girl’s princess’ Cora is obsessed with Belle so when I saw Beauty and the Beast was playing at Theatre Royal in St Helens, I knew this was the perfect one.

My mum was born and bred in Kirkdale (I’ve literally just moved out of my nan’s old house there) but for some reason she seems to think St Helens is acceptable so she’s moved there. I know right? Me and Cora got our passports out, drove to Wool-land, picked up nanny and went for a night of good old fashioned panto.

There are no Disney songs in this particular version of Beauty And The Beast, instead expect chart remixes such as “Shout out to Gaston!” (Little Mix) and “You won’t be human anymore, don’t put the blame on me!” (Rag & Bone Man)

The fella playing Gaston is both hilarious and hateful and I suspect his character has been loosely based on Nicholas Cage in Peggy Sue Got Married – he’s plenty creepy. Gaston’s Ma however AKA the evil enchantress in this particular story frightened the shit out of Cora and she had to hide in my neck for cuddles every time she came on.

That’s the beauty (and the beast) of the pantomime though, it’ll make you laugh, cry and scare you. Apart from that Cora was absolutely mesmerised – the reveal of Kiera-Nicole Brennan (Channel 5’s Milkshake) as Belle in her famous Beauty and the Beast yellow dress was all worth it though as Cora hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

Throw in some slapstick humour, a pantomime dame and a generous helping of baby shark audience participation and all in all, you have a boss panto.

Can’t wait for Peter Pan at Christmas now! For more info and tickets visit their website.


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