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So, you’ve finished all of your festive fun, made, failed and remade your New Years resolutions and now it’s time to focus on your next travel adventure. It might be windy and rainy here right now, but around the world there are some great New Year locations where you can either top up your tan before everybody or have the winter that we all secretly hoped for with lots and lots of snow. We have picked our top 5 New Year holiday locations along with some cheeky travel tips to make your holiday go without a hitch.

Where To Go?

Now that the festive rush is out of the way and millions of people get back to their normal working lives, this is the perfect time to use up some of that annual leave. Prices for travel will always comes down in the New Year and because everyone else has gone back to school or work this leaves you to take full advantage of less tourists on your beach or slope.

If you’re looking to continue some of that winter wonderland magic then Levi in Finland is certainly the place for you. The Levi fell is 531 meters high and is the largest ski resort in Lapland with 43 slopes. There are so many amazing fun things to do and see. Husky and reindeer rides, snowmobile safaris and cross country skiing to name but a few, but surely the most amazing thing you can see and witness in Levi is The Northern Lights, Natures most magical light show. All resorts are open in January and February, oh, and don’t forget your woolly hat it can get pretty chlly, temperatures have been known to hit -50 degrees.

Now, on the other hand if you are looking to escape the cold and are looking for white sands and sunshine then Cape Verde could be the place. Known as the ‘African Caribbean, the stunning Cape Verde islands come with everything you’d expect from a holiday to Barbados, at a fraction of the price. The islands’ offer an amazing an eclectic mix of cultural fusion, including Portuguese, Brazilian and African influences making Cape Verde a fascinating place to visit. This place has plenty to offer including surfing, ocean fishing and kite surfing. As well as sensational views and an almost guaranteed tan.

Morocco has a fantastic blend of warm sunshine, historic culture and great days out. You can go hunting through the city’s famous markets and bazaars, trying out your haggling tricks or take a trip to see the mighty Atlas Mountains and hike your way round this stunning place, all while soaking up the unique mixture of African and Arabian culture. With only a 3 hour flight and temperatures in the early 20’s Morocco is certainly worth putting on your list of places to visit. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous quad biking, horse and camel riding are available and try checking out their adventure tours.

Malta is one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets, often forgotten in winter, which means that the streets of capital city Valletta or the beaches of nearby Gozo, are emptier than during busy summer months. Malta has a range of museums and galleries on your doorstep, or you can enjoy the city’s growing coffee culture, where you can sit outside, of course, and watch the world go by. You can expect sunshine and a blue sky above, perfect a boat trip to the island of Comino’s turquoise waters or head north on the mainland to Popeye’s Village. This family friendly, culturally rich country has everything you need to just sit back and relax.

One of the top European tourist attractions in these winter months is the Carnival of Venice. Beautiful, haunting, and extremely weird, held between February-March this celebration is not to be missed. Costumed events can be very pricey, but you can get the full effect of the festival by enjoying the free events with a mask purchased on the street. Carnival aside, travelling to Venice in winter allows visitors to experience the city at a slower pace and really soak up the culture. The city’s canals, beautiful architecture, and old-fashioned atmosphere become magical in winter. A stop in Venice is a definite European highlight. The temperature might not be anything to write home about, but the atmosphere definitely will be.

Travel Tips 

With the Christmas period out of the way it’s time to take advantage of those last minute deals.  Being a tad more flexible and adventurous could save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on your holiday.

Make sure you are travel ready. It’s brilliant booking your last minute get away, not so good if you realise your passport has run out. You can renew your passport within 3-4 weeks via your Local Post Office or for those who would rather avoid the cold winter weather you can also apply for a passport online. Or if you need to get your passport replaced urgently you can call the Passport Office on: 0300 222 0000.

One thing to also remember is that if your passport has less than six months some countries, mainly outside of Europe will not let you travel, find out more about your travel destinations requirements at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before you book.

If you have children of school age it is important that you speak to your child’s headmaster about taking time off during term time for a holiday. Many parents have been fined or even taking to court because they haven’t gone through the correct channels. So, always speak to the school in advance to avoid any problems.

If your child is under 2 then speak to your airline or travel operator on how they can make your flight just that little bit easier. Most airlines have little extras for the little ones to keep them entertained on the flight. For extra help and advice on travelling with children

For millions of people the start of a new year is a chance to set new goals, start new dreams and attempt to stop putting off what could be done today until tomorrow. So if you want to start your new year with a fantastic trip away and create those memories that’ll last a lifetime, plan it! Book it! Do it! Don’t put off your next adventure because there’s so much to do and so much to see if you keep putting it off you might not have time to fit it all in. Happy travels!




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