Scouse Bird Problems – Why Men Like To Date Younger Women

Posted On: 12/03/2016

By: Mike Changa

Some societies in the Western world assume same age partners are the best decision; others would say that a man should somehow be older. Nevertheless, women all over the world should deal with a miserable fact – men love to date girls that are much younger than they are (sometimes two and more times younger). Is it something about men’s psychology? Or is it the influence of social stereotypes? The answer is a bit more complicated than you think. Our team and came up with five reasons for men to prefer younger girls for dating.

1. Men have troubles experiencing a mid-life crisis. No, seriously – how many men have you seen struggling to relieve from this disaster? In the contemporary society, it is more of a norm than an exception. Some of them buy enormously expensive cars; others sell all the property and make a horrifying runaway in order to inform the whole Universe that they are still alive. Those who do not have a wife yet prefer to date young girls – for the same reasons as others run away.

2. Men are visual creatures. We all know the formula: men love with their eyes while women love with their ears. This thesis finds a perfect objectification in out topic. Frankly speaking, younger girls turn men on better than anything (anyone) else does. On one hand, it is about a young girl’s exterior – her breasts are still where they should be and skin is still elastic. On the other hand, it is something about the social status of a man. Indeed, just as women do, men love to make everyone else feel jealous.

3. A man had already dated women of his own age and was disappointed. This is another case of meaningless stereotypes spread on the whole society. Why would you decide that all women are bad if one particular lady made you suffer severely? In fact, it is not only about men – women also do such assumptions. As a result, a mid-age man decides that he should better date young “unspoiled” girls. Sounds odd, but who actually cares? Love is love.

4. A man has just decided that he wants to have kids. According to general knowledge, having children after your 50s is quite a bad idea. Nonetheless, the modern society has nothing to do with universal knowledge! If a man decided he wants a successor – he would get one. Young girls are at the peak of their fertility. As well, the healthier your girl is, the more likely your kids to be healthy. Men have biological clocks, too, in case if you did not know.

5. Women prefer dating older men. Ha! You obviously did not expect that. But really, an average Western woman would like her boyfriend-lover-husband to be 5 to 7 years older. Recent surveys show that this tradition still makes sense in numerous countries. We can often hear older women making fun of the men who chase after younger girls while the women themselves want to date older and more responsible men. Yeah, we find hypocrisy pretty much everywhere.  Likewise, girls reach the peak of their sexual attractiveness much sooner than men do.


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