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Your mere presence in his life is quite frankly enough of a gift to last him a lifetime, should you deem him worthy of anything else, here’s some ideas for what to get your fella this Xmas!

A chic dress watch

The apple watch is fine for going running and those big clunky silver things he wears are fine for every day wear but no man should be without a dress watch. I’m not talking about those white faced, gold trimmed, snakeskin leather strapped roman numeral efforts your dad wore in the 80’s – I’m talking about something far more chic. This black on black on black watch from Harcourt London sits flat and flush to his skin so there’s no getting it caught on anything and no bulking out his sleeves. It’s actually unisex too so I guarantee you’ll want to ‘borrow’ (keep) it for your little black dresses too…

Protect his pride and joy

Ok so he’s dropped the best part of a grand on a new iPad Pro and of course he has to have the new pencil to go with it. Trouble is, he leaves his boxies, his loose change and his empty beer bottles round the place without a care so be arsed doing that with a £100 pencil. Get him a case from StyleFolio that’ll not only protect his new iPad, but it doubles up as a stand AND has space for his pencil and his pencil charger adaptor. Genius.

Zippo lighter

I don’t know what it is, and I’ll never understand it but men love fire so much. It definitely goes back to Neanderthal times and makes them feel dead hard or something. With their own Zippo lighter they can literally make fire in their hands any time. There’s a nostalgic romantic vibe to a real Zippo, that takes you back to a time when there were so-called “real” men like Steve McQueen and Sinatra. Even if you fella’s not a smoker they can always come in handy for day to day jobs; lighting camp fires or tea-lights around the bath that he’s run for you when he’s done something wrong like put his red sock in the wash with all your white bras…

Why he’ll love it: He Can pretend he’s James Dean

Wooden headphones

EVEN’s Bluetooth headphones, the H2, are seriously the future when it comes to sound quality. They feature something called EarPrint technology that customizes sound to your unique hearing profile. Basically, some bird talks in your ears and asks you to listen to 8 songs in each ear. You press a button everytime you first hear the song fade in and it customises the music to your personal preference. No, I don’t know how it works either, but it does and it’s amazing. Plus they come in a painfully ‘trendy’ brushed metal and walnut finish so when you ‘accidentally’ put them in your bag when you’re tidying up after him, you’ll look pretty awesome in your winter outfits too…

Why he’ll love it: It’s space age technology in a set of headphones that are as sexy as he is.

If ever headphones could be described as sexy – it’s these

Pritchards Menswear

Pritchards have been dealing in designer menswear for nearly a couple hundred years(!!) now but that doesn’t mean they’re old fashioned. King of the cool kids Liam Gallagher has got his own clothing line and it’s all pretty good stuff. Some of it is a bit too King of the Mods Paul Weller-ish if you know what I mean, but the majority is just simple styles made from high quality material and put together dead well – which fits in perfecting with what Pritchards does. This dark green Jumper isn’t something my fella would’ve normally picked but I literally can’t get him out of it, and he thinks he’s some kind of Rock ‘N’ Roll Star. Lol get it? Either way, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous, well fitting designer jumper at Xmas can you?

Why he’ll love it: He gets instant cool points just for wearing it.

Gamer cufflinks

How come as we grow up we have to stop looking after our Barbies and start looking after our fellas?! Whereas they’re allowed to just continue playing the same games they played as a kid. If you’re fella’s anything like mine and refuses to grow up then these might be perfect. When coercing him to get dressed and look nice for date night it can be a challenge. Try this new technique:

“Come on now, turn the PS4 off, we need to get dressed…”

“… but I don’t wanna go out 😒”

“Come on, you can wear your controller cufflinks and you’ll look dead “cool”!”

I don’t know, it’s worth a try like.

Why he’ll love it: While he’s out with you he can feel close to his one true love. His Playstation.

From a range at Dobell Menswear

Stormtrooper decanter

Drink from the dark side – If he’s against the Stormtroopers (as he darn well should be!) then he’ll relish having their beheaded helmet in your gaff. Using a Stormtrooper’s helmet as a decanter for your whisky or squash is a symbolic victory over evil! If, on the other hand, you’re a supporter of The Empire and Stormtroopers in general then he’ll view this glass as a tribute. Each and every time he pours himself a stiff one it’ll be a loving nod to the Galactic dictatorship he holds in such high esteem. It holds 750ml of liquid (any liquid, alcoholic or otherwise); Star Wars fans will absolutely love it.

Why he’ll love it: He’ll have unlimited set up’s for “I am your father” jokes when he’s had a few old fashioneds.

Skull Mason Jar

So he’s got his super cool decanter, he needs something to match it to actually drink out of. This skull mason jar from The Sassy Bird is actually perfect. Sp’rum anyone?

Why he’ll love it: It’s a skull you can drink out of.

Bath bomb – pour homme

Men love baths too! If a sparkly pink bath bomb would damage his fragile masculinity too much then why not get him a bath bomb ‘for him’. Although you’ll wanna get in the bath with him because it smells just like fit fellas…

Why he’ll love it: He gets to still be a ‘real’ man, while having a luxury relaxing bath.

More gift guides coming soon…


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