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Yes ok, we’re a nightmare to buy for. Here’s some heavy xmas gift hints…

Charles Conrad Watch

Is your girlfriend the kind of girl that would be late to her own funeral? Is she always running late for your dates? Well, here’s the perfect solution. Buy her a watch. Not just any watch though, of course to be an amazing xmas gift it’s got to be this absolutely stunning Rose Gold Charles Conrad watch. It’s the perfect accessory for any outfit and of course, it’s rose gold so there’s a 107% chance she’ll love it automatically. Not only is it comfy to wear, but if she loves her pigs in blankets (who doesn’t?) and puts a few lbs on over the Christmas period, she doesn’t have to worry about her watch not fitting her as it has an adjustable metal strap. It’s available with a blue, black or white face.

Why she’ll love it: It’s reeeeerrse gerllld. Obv.

Picture credit: Charles Conrad watches

Intempo Bluetooth Earphones

Ermagerdddd rerse gerlddd earpherrrns! These Intempo Bluetooth earphones are the perfect Xmas gift for any girl. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth, which means no annoying long wire attached to your phone so your girlfriend can move freely whilst listening to music! These earphones come with 3 different sized sets of earbuds for comfort and are perfect for going on a run – because we all know there’s nothing worse than going for a jog and having to pop your earphones back in every 2.5 seconds. (Lol, who am I kidding? I don’t jog.)

Why she’ll love them: Not only are they beautiful but they solve the age old problem of tangled earphones.

Grace Backpack

I know, you’re probably thinking “nooo my girlfriend doesn’t need ANOTHER bag” – but you’re wrong. She does. She always does. This Grace Backpack is the perfect gift for an on-the-go girl. It’s designed to fit up to a 15” laptop (so basically all MacBooks) and has enough pockets to keep everything neat and tidy. Not only that but it’s cushioned and very cleverly designed to stop any damage to laptops. It is basically made to protect all your stuff that matters. This gorgeous backpack also includes a cable routing channel system which lets you charge on-the-go without wires sticking out everywhere. Told you – perfect for an on-the-go girl! So if your girlfriend is in uni, college, or is sick of her laptop getting bashed around her bag every day, this is the perfect gift for her.

Why she’ll love it: It’s so organised she’ll always be able to find exactly what she’s looking for without an hour of rummaging.

Pic credit: STM Goods

Tarte Pro Palette

It’s the stuff of Sephora dreams. Does your girlfriend go all misty eyed when she sees Youtubers unpacking their latest Sephora hall from their recent trip to NYC? While ideally you’d just buy her two tickets to the Big Apple and let her go nuts in the beauty mecca that is Sephora, if that’s something you can’t afford, then bring it to you. The Tarte Pro palette is full of 20 amazing matte and shimmer shades in colours that compliment each other better than drunk girls in the toilets on a night out. Better yet, it’s in stock in the UK and can be with you in a day or two and with no nasty surprise customs charges. Yassss.

Why she’ll love it: She’ll actually think you’ve been listening to her waffle on about shape tape, amazonian clay and perfect cut creases.

Scouse Bird 2018 Diary

Designed by Scouse birds for Scouse birds, you’d really be a crap fella if you haven’t got one of these as a xmas gift under the tree for the love of your life. There’s space for her to organise her appointments, to-do lists, monthly bills, car insurance renewal and all the other important stuff in life like the wifi code. If you don’t get her a Scouse Bird diary then you’re basically saying you want her to have a chaotic disorganised life. That’s just mean.

Why she’ll love it: There’s a daily quote to make her laugh and she can have whichever colour suits her life.

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