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She’s been there for you when gobshites ain’t, she’s matched you shot for shot at every bar in town (and Ibiza) – it’s time to show your best mate some love. Here’s some cool xmas gift ideas…

Ghost Gift Set

A girl can never have too much perfume. If you’re stuck on what to get your bezzie this Christmas without breaking the bank, we got you! This gift set includes a 30ml bottle of their Ghost Deep Night perfume which smells absolutely delicious with base notes of orange, vanilla, peach, indian rose and musk. The perfume comes in a glossy, moon shaped bottle which will bring a bit of magic to any dressing table. This lovely little set also comes with an eyeshadow palette and brush with 4 rose gold and plum tones. To be honest I’d use this as a shimmery bronzer too as the colours are so gorgeous. So, I’d 100% recommend buying this for your bezzie this Christmas, because let’s be honest you’re gonna be robbing it from her all the time anyway when you’re getting ready for them Christmas nights out.

Why she’ll love it: It smells just as gorgeous as she is.

Scouse Bird Food Diary

You know after those cosy Xmas sleepovers you’ve been having with the pringles and selection boxes (sooooo many selection boxes) you’ll be hitting the salad graft hard come January. There’s no better way to stay motivated than by being in it together – so get matching food diaries for you and your bezzie and of course you’ll both be swanning round work in bikinis come summer.

Why she’ll love it: It’s fresh new stationery!

Selfie Light

Whether it’s a case for her phone or a clip on ring, it’s time to give you best mate the gift of fire selfies. If it’s good enough for the Kardashians then bish, it’s good enough for her. You know you should have your own reality show anyway. The rose gold selfie case throws off a warm flattering light while the ring gives a cool, daylight glow. There’s also one with a built in fan so she can add the power of her hair blowing in the wind to her snapchat stories.

Why she’ll love it: She’ll have Kardashian level selfies.

Jelly Sweets Maker

Is your best mate still a bit hurt that her mum and dad didn’t get her a Mr Frosty when she was a kid? Me too, me too. This is the modern day version. She can satisfy her addiction to Haribo while making ‘healthier’ alternatives in whatever flavours she wants with this fab . Imagine your PJ and film night with home made jelly sweets. Just save enough for the hangover the next day.

Why she’ll love it: She can make alcoholic jellies dur.

Liverpool Gin

Scouse Bird has spoken – prosecco is dead, long live gin. If your mate isn’t yet on to the brilliance of gin yet then get her to read this, if she IS onto it then I’m preaching to the choir. Treat her (and probably you too – after all, you do pre-drink in hers A LOT) to an extra special bottle of super ScouseAlso available in vodka.

Why she’ll love it: It’s gin mate. What’s not to love?

More gift guides coming soon…


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