Scouse Bird Problems – Farmaggedon: It's back for its 9th year and better than ever…

Posted On: 16/09/2015

By: Scouse Bird

Last night saw the press invited to try the all new Farmaggedon. Since its opening 9 (yes NINE) years ago, it’s become somewhat of a Liverpool institution. You can’t have Halloween season without Farmageddon, it’d be like Xmas Eve without new pyjamas or Xmas day without a bottle of vodka and a load of family you can’t stand the sight of. It just wouldn’t be right.

One girl hiding before the experience had even begun!

The original barn “Terror on the farm” is back again and is still my absolute favourite; from the sexy dancers on the way in giving us all major arse envy to the jump-a-minute journey through the maze it’s just brilliant. Meat locker returns but Psychosis has had a little makeover… It’s now Contagion and is a neon 3d experience (complete with 3d glasses) which basically makes you feel like you’re tripping balls all the way through. Highly camouflaged ghosts and ghouls will just appear from nowhere and the lack of¬†peripheral vision (due to the 3d glasses) adds to an extremely disorientating experience all round.

The jewel in the crown this year is the brand new zombie paint balling – don’t worry, you won’t get hit. A tractor drives you through the pitch black field while zombies appear from abandoned churches and fields of 6ft high corn. It’s all very Walking Dead. You must shoot them with a head shot or they’ll just keep coming at you… Brilliant addition to the experience ūüĎć

Farmaggedon tickets are available here from 2nd October until the 31st and some dates are sold out already… Ticket prices range from ¬£18pp to ¬£35pp (top price includes fast track, zombie paintballing and peak time upgrades).¬†


Scouse Bird

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