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Now that I’m depressingly back from holiday I thought I’d do a holiday related blog to get you all in the mood for booking the next one.

Firstly no matter where you go you’re probably gonna get feasted on by mozzies an there’s nothin itchier an more irritating than a bite. Then when you’ve itched it it just spreads the poison which makes it even more itchy and then it looks a sheow!


I found out about this “Zap it” thing before I went. You can get them for a few quid an if one of the bastards actually makes it through all the repellant and bites you, you zap the bite. It delivers a tiny electric shock (it doesn’t feel like a shock it just feels like a click on your arm) and it stops the itching. It does work if only temporarily so you just give it a few clicks everytime it starts itching and they heal alot faster.


If you remember a while ago I got sent suitcases from the lovely people at @no1brands4u

. One was the super light z-frame in hot pink an the other was the bright yellow constellation which they used in big brother this year. The z-frame is seriously seriously light, i used it for my hand luggage and the fact it’s got virtually no weight and multi-directional wheels meant that strutting round the airport looking fab was dead easy cos it just behaves itself!! The constellation was also boss, it’s dead sturdy and has an in built combination lock and different compartments inside so all your stuff doesn’t move around an get creased in transit. The fact it’s bright yellow means I spotted it a mile off on the luggage carousel as well. Plus the two of them together look dead cute an tropical! I’d consider gettin a full size z-frame next year, means an extra 2.5kg luggage allowance (more shoes). blogger-image-1422146118-3858902


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