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I love the fact you can walk into any pub and make a friend within a minute, who’ll buy you a beer if you look like you need one.

I love the look on people’s faces, when they step out of Lime Street into Liverpool for the first time and see St Georges Hall.

I love the way you can look up and see three centuries worth of architecture all around you.

I love the way if you stand in the right place in the morning you can see the sun rise between the Liverbirds.

I love the fact we have two brilliant football teams whose fans ‘hate’ each other, but deep down we love each other and couldn’t live without them.

I love the way the city has reinvented itself without any investment from the government.

I love the way we look out towards Dublin and New York and don’t look back towards Manchester or London.

I love the way students come and never leave because they fall in love with the city.

I love fact you can walk through town and hear dozens of different languages from dozens of different countries, and no one cares where you are from, as long as you’re friendly.

I love the fact no-one cares what you do for a living, how much money you have or what car you drive. They only care if you’re a decent person.

I love the way every time you go into town there’s a new independent bar, pub or restaurant popped up.

I love the fact we have a world class shopping centre, but the best shops are the little boutiques and antique stores dotted around the place.

I love the way you see sons taking their mums for a drink, and daughters treating their dads to a pint.

I love the spray from the Mersey when you get the ferry over to the Wirral.

I love the fact there’s world class fishing on the Mersey and people flock from miles away to wet a line.

I love the fact racism is near non-existent here, most of us learn to get along and respect each other from the moment we’re born.

I love the way we have our own language and every year a plethora of new words is added to it, and only we get it.

I love the fact that wools exist and the banter we have with them.

I love the fact we have 100’s of pubs, each one full of characters and thousands of stories.

I love the way we embrace our history, be it good or bad, and we actually learn from it.

I love the fact we boast the band that gave birth to modern music, and the fact we know Ringo is a knob.

I love the fact we have our own dish, the famous scouse, and know it isn’t complete without red cabbage and beetroot.

I love the fact we have Lamb Bananas and no-one knows what they’re about…and no-one cares, they’re just boss.

I love the fact we say ‘boss’.

I love the fact footballers fall head over the heels with the city, and when they leave talk about how much they loved it.

I love the fact Samuel L Jackson LOVES the place.

I love the way insulting people is deemed as a form of endearment here, knob ‘ed.

I love the golden sands of Formby and the Alpine forest that grows behind it.

I love the way every tourist comes away completely shell shocked as to how beautiful the city is and how friendly the people are, wondering where the bad reputation comes from.

I love the fact on any given day the city is full of beautiful well dressed women, creating a plethora of colour, even on a cold winter’s day.

I love the way the Tories HATE us, because we’re on of the few cities with the balls to stand up to them.

I love the way the people close ranks in times of tragedy and vehemently seek justice where justice is required.

I love the fact the same busker has been playing the same song on the same guitar in Lime St subway for the last 18 years.

I love how everyone knows who ‘Plinkity Plink’ is and worries about what happened to him.

I love the fact we kept and looked after a bombed a church, which now hosts concerts and art displays.

I love the fact you can have a full blown conversation with random strangers.

I love the fact everyone says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

I love the fact if you drop money on the floor someone will pick it up and chase you down the road to give it back.

I love the fact our homeless people have a bittersweet sense of humour and will always have a laugh and joke with you, even if you can’t give them any money.

I love the fact we have two world class cathedrals from two separate religions and the road that joins them is called ‘Hope Street’.

I love the way you can walk into a pub and find an artist, lawyer, doctor, plumber and barman all talking about football.

I love our parks and the simple joy that can be taken by walking round them on a summers day.

I love the way many ‘firsts’ of this ‘golden age’ stem from the city and it’s infamously innovate people.

I love the way comedians are terrified of performing here, because most of the audience are funnier than them.

I love the fact we’re not English, we’re Scouse.

I love the fact that the men here know piercings are strictly for women.

I love the fact our gay quarter is full of lads on the pull.

I love the fact we have the best Chinese restaurants outside of China.

I love the fact the 6 year old kids are wittier than most people in the country.

I love the fact that for women, dressing casual is putting makeup on and sticking your hair in rollers, then waking around in your pyjamas.

I love the way we can makes jokes and laugh at our own expense.

Most of all, I love the fact you’re treated like you’re part of one massive family, whether you were born here, moved here or are just embracing the warmth this great city offers.

Like I say, I love Liverpool. No place like it on earth.



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