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Sick of having orange bedsheets after a tan? Do you always end up with streaks and stained clothes? Here’s the answer…

The Original Tansie is the first ever garment specifically developed to be worn after the application of fake tan. Made from a unique durable disposable fabric, the Tansie is light weight, loose-fitting and has no elasticated waist or cuffs to minimise streaking!

Use your Original Tansie after a spray tan or when tanning at home. No more standing round waiting for your tan to dry, and no more staining old clothes! Your Original Tansie will….

1. Prevent searching for old clothing to put on after tanning

2. Minimise the risk of stained bed sheets, furnishings, clothing

3. No more washing clothes or sheets due to tan stains 

4. Allow your skin to breathe, whilst maximising the chance of developing a gorgeous streak free tan due to it’s loose design! This is a new product and is currently available in one size which is designed to fit between a UK size 6-14, and up to 5ft 9. More sizes coming soon

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