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Scouse Bird Problems is a well-known yet anonymous blogger and social media personality. Famous locally and nationally for her witty quips and spot on, honest recommendations; her influence increases daily.

With a social media reach of 175,000, which is still in a period of rapid growth, and a blog heading towards the 1 million hits mark, she is popular with females of all ages but mainly in the age range of 14-30. She has successfully worked with many local clients and also national companies such as River Island & Illamasqua and has featured in newspapers such as The Guardian & The Daily Star.

Extract from The Daily Star interview July 2013:

Scouse Bird Problems started in January 2012 after its creator (who likes to keep her identity a mystery) had an early morning make-up disaster.

“I’d started a new job but I was late and drew my eyebrows on wonky,” she said. “I just thought, ‘drawing your eyebrows on wonky when you’re late for work … Scouse bird problems’.

“So I tweeted it on my personal account, using that as the hashtag. I’d tweet occasionally under #ScouseBirdProblems and they were always popular.

“I set up an account and got 10,000 followers in my first week.

“A million and one other probs accounts got set up. At one point I think every city, village, town and school had their own “probs” page but most ran out of steam quickly.

“The account has really become more of a character. ‘Scouse Bird’ has taken on a life of her own since then.”

Scouse Bird Problems, illustrated with an image of Coleen Rooney in rollers, is especially popular with Liverpool residents.

Typical tweets include “Why is it only windy when you decide to wear a skater skirt?” and “#YouDon’tKnowRealStruggleIf you’ve never bashed an acrylic and nearly ripped your own nail bed off”.

Rather than being a spoof or parody, it’s an affectionate mirror on Liverpudlian quirks such as going out in hair rollers (Coleen Rooney and co) and shopping exclusively in cricket (er, Coleen Rooney and co).

Scouse Bird added: “The account is famous, pretty much everyone in the city has heard of it and I’ve heard stories of people in London and Newcastle asking about it.

“I myself am not famous and I wouldn’t want to be. I would hate nothing more than walking down the street looking a show, coming out of the gym with no make-up on and getting recognised. No thanks.

“I’ve been rumbled a couple of times on nights out and it’s the weirdest experience ever but at least I’m all dolled up then!

“The character says what I’m thinking and what a lot of people are thinking, but you would never ever say. In real life if you said half the things Scouse Bird says people would think you were a right crank, but she can get away with it.

“We might have all these problems but we are not screechy characters from a Harry Enfield sketch. We’re fierce, intelligent, independent and fashion conscious little fab heads.”

You know you love me.

Scouse Bird



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