Scouse Bird Problems – Aintree Races Beauty Guide: Save or Splurge

The countdown is well and truly underway for the biggest event on the Scouse social calendar; National Weekend. Most of you will have already prepared and planned way in advance every detail of your day/weekend, but for those who are struggling – here’s your beauty guide. 


Whether you go for a long flowing mane to rival any national winner or a chic up do that’ll look good come rain or shine (because if there’s one thing you never want to place a bet on, it’s the weather at Aintree), the hair is something that has to be paid close attention to. Obviously your first choice is going to be a hairdressers appointment and there’s no one better than Voodou (and because they’re city centre based, as soon as your mane is tamed you can head straight to your champagne breakfast…).

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

For a perfect at home ‘curly blow’ Mark Hill’s new heated rollers are AMAZING. They’re nice and chunky so they create big bouncy waves, they heat up really quickly AND they’re velcro so there’s no having to fix them every few minutes. It’s the first time I’ve seen velcro heated rollers and honestly I don’t know why it hasn’t been thought of sooner. 

Something else you’re going to need (whether you’re doing the bouncy blow or the chic up-do) is some heavy duty hairspray. Andrew Collinge do an amazing flexible, firm hold hairspray that’ll stop any rogue pieces of hair galloping off (sorry). Another AC product I could swear by is their invisible dry shampoo, now obviously you’re going to have freshly washed hair for the race but, a bit of dry shampoo at the roots makes backcombing a dream, especially if you’ve got fine hair like yours truly. Just make sure it’s the invisible stuff yeh…

Make up

If you definitely haven’t got the ‘skillz that killz’ when it comes to smoky eye and contouring then consulting a professional is a must for Aintee. No one wants to end up in the Daily Racist sorry I mean Mail, looking like a pasty, cheekbone-less clown. My amazing friend Lizzy Parr will highlight those cheeks to within an inch of their life and a good setting spray can keep you glowing and chiseled all day.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Practice makes perfect. Spend the next few weeks poring over Youtube make up tutorials until you can smash that killer winged eyeliner out every time. Top it all off with one of Urban Decay’s new long lasting Vice liquid lipsticks and you’ll be gorge right from starters orders to the finish line.


If there’s one colour that goes with any outfit, it’s tan. Yes you do need it. Get a spray tan. Proudly don the sticky feet pads and paper thong; don’t be shy the beautician has seen all the tits and cellulite Liverpool has to offer.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

The day before the races is not the time to try home tanning if you’re a fake tan virgin, but if you’re an experienced veteran then you can totally get away with a home tan. The amazing people at Skinny Tan have created something that is not only streak free and a gorgeous colour BUT it actually makes you look slimmer (it contains active ingredients that smooth cellulite and all sorts). They came from Dragons Den so even Deborah Meaden is on board. The pre-tan primer removes all the dead skin, the 7 day tanner does exactly what it says and, my personal favourite, the After Glow Gloss adds a gorgeous Beyonce level sheen to your tan.


Botox & fillers

If you’re going to give those lines and wrinkles a little iron out or fluff those lip pillows up before race day then that is absolutely A-ok. But for the love of god, please go to a proper doctor, not some back street beauty hun running around with needles and no qualifications. Lee Walker of B City Clinics on Rodney Street is very VERY reasonably priced and his clinic is a centre of excellence. If there’s any new procedures and training, you can guarantee he’s had a hand in it. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. His freezy face juice, lip plumpy juice and the new melty fat juice will have you gorgeous in minutes.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Don’t even think about it.


This is no time to be playing around. Put the tweezers down and treat yourself to a HD brow appointment. The lovely ladies over at Benito brow bar (branches up and down the country in Debenhams) will have you dyed, plucked and threaded to perfection. The nipples of your face will thank you.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

You can get away with just a tint and a shape but still, leave it to the professionals.


It’s not ok to have your outfit spoilt by sweetcorn peggies so your gnashers have got to be as dazzling as you are. You can opt for a professional teeth whitening treatment which will yield instant, several shades whiter, results.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

However, if you’re all spent out on races prep then invest in a tube of White Shock from Blanx – there’s a reason why half the TOWIE cast use it. The paste and blue LED activation light will have you several shades lighter within a couple of weeks – plus light up toothpaste is hella fun.


Let’s not go hoochy or neon. This is not Malia with the girls this is a classy event. Stick to nudes, reds and French manicures and let the attention be all about the hat, the dress and your gorgeous smile…

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Just paint them nude yourself and be done with it.


No hun, 2 coats of mascara will not do. Don’t worry, you don’t need expensive Russian lash extensions – just a good quality pair of strip lashes will work wonders and give you total Bambi eyes.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Well actually, you can get luxury level lashes for extremely little money so no need for save cheats on this one. The Boss Babe style give an AMAZING feline flick.


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