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Posted On: 23/09/2012

By: @jenren87

So its half 7 on a thursday morning and i’ve already seen more genitals than a back alley brass but its all part of the job right? WRONG!

When i decided to become a nurse I imagined cute little uniforms, prancing round curing people with a smile. But then i turned to the dark side. Psychiatric nursing.

Now a lot of people think mental health is all straight jackets and people spreading their own shit on the walls. Its not. Its far worse. Is full people who if they say something, they say it a thousand times. People who if you ask them to have a wash, its like you’ve asked can you throw acid in their face! And dont get me started on when they go out… These people can dress in the most “normal” of outfits, tell em you’re taking em to the asda and its full on bright pink hotpants, socks, and peeptoe kitten heels all topped off with a tshirt 2 sizes too small with a picture of a wolf on or something cringey like “am i bovvered?!” obviously not love, dressed like that. The shame!

Dont get me wrong i love my job, and most patients are sound but you get these types who just want a reaction and my reaction is “the bus to st helens is thatta way!”

So yeh, if you’re think nursing is glam: its not! Your days off are used to catch up on sleep and wash your hair!

Well thats my blog. Hope you enjoy. Lotsa love @jenren87


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