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Posted On: 26/08/2014

By: Scouse Bird

Doesn’t it just make you fume when your fella tans better than you? Unless you’re dating a ginge then you can probably relate. It’s not fair, boys get all the stuff that we want: better tans, faster metabolism, longer eyelashes and no periods. Throw in being able to piss standing up and wherever they want and I’m really starting to feel like the hard done to sex.

On my recent trip to Italy I trialled a new natural food supplement called “Beach Ready” which claims to make you tan faster and safer AND help you lose weight. Sounds like a dream come true in pill form really doesn’t it? So, does it work?


You can’t go to the land of pizza and pasta and follow any sort of diet so I didn’t. There’s a dead easy exercise plan designed for lazy people which can be used in conjunction with the pills, but I didn’t do that either. I’m on holiday for crying out loud! You are underestimating the depths my laziness goes to. Did I lose any weight? Nope. Here’s the crucial thing though, I didn’t put any weight on either and that is a carb based miracle! Will definitely be getting these for Mexico all inclusive in October that’s for sure!

We only had 1 and a half days of sunbathing during the whole holiday because we spent so much time on the road travelling from city to city so I was definitely panicking on the tan front. My fella only has to spend an hour in the sun and he changes race whereas I have to dedicate some serious time to the sun lounger (with an appropriate SPF of course). I came home with the same tan lines as a week in Mexico AND furthermore, even my fella had to concede that my arms weren’t more than a couple of shades different than his, so yeh I was pretty happy with the results.

I was keen to know how this all worked and if it was safe so I asked Beach Ready owner Ana about what goes into the pills:

‘Beach Ready – Slim and Sun’ is designed to shift those last remaining pounds just before your Holiday and has the added BONUS of preparing your skin for the Sun therefore decreasing the time you need to stay in the Sun whilst increasing the Length and Depth of your tan.

Beach Ready Slim and Sun contains PABA, copper and Silica which help to prepare the skin for sun exposure whilst aiding your natural tanning pigments and helping your skin to rejuvenate faster.

Slim and Sun also contains L-tyrosine which not only helps to regenerate your skin but is a natural energiser and metabolism booster.

Beach Ready Slim and Sun works fast and is best used the week before and during your holiday.

If you haven’t already tried beach ready your missing out! This is an amazing product and the combination in this supplement is one of the best kept beauty secrets, which means that you will see results before most people have even tried it!

So there you have it. If you fancy trying it then it’s available at:

I’m deffo going to try this with the exercise plan next time so I’ll let you know how it goes!


Scouse Bird

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