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Kim Kardashian. The bootylicious beauty. The style icon. The infamous trend-setter.  The girl who can do no wrong… Or can she? Her blonde ambition… Was it too ambitious?

Our Kim Kardashian has done a U-turn on the jaw dropping platinum reveal and has skulked back off to get that barnet back to brunette. Why? Because we didn’t approve.

The platinum do may have been a step too far this time. The cruel comments from Instagram and Twitter came flooding in, naming her a “drag queen Draco Malfoy.” (What a shout!). Let’s be honest- there have been worse insults she’s had to take on her chiselled chin but this blonde backlash has seemed to be a little ground breaking. Because we told her NO!

So where did this initial dye decision come from? I believe the hands of blame point in the direction of West. It is well known that Kanye can be a tad opinionated (we’ll never forgive him Taylor!), and that extends to the styling of his wife. Kim admitted that when she and Kanye started dating, the rapper threw out her entire wardrobe and brought in a team of fashion stylists to update her look… Just imagine a man, YOUR man, bin-bagging your wardrobe! There’s no way he’d come out of that one without a big bad boot to the groin.

Kanye carefully constructs their outfits in an overall bid to ensure the pair are respected as couture icons rather than the alternative: The girl with an epic derriere that got famous for looking good while getting her end away (hand clap emoji), and her loud-mouthed rapper husband who can’t help but offend artists that aren’t his bezzie Beyoncé (we love you Taylor!). This power couple mean business, and their business is high fashion.

But we know this hasn’t always been the case for KK-W (formerly KK). Let’s not forget that she was once fond of breaking out a knee-high boot on a red carpet and giving it all shades of ghetto hoop earrings on a regular basis. But I won’t judge a girl. I at one point owned a tri-coloured poncho (bo-ho phase) that I thought went with EVERYTHING (it didn’t), but then I didn’t wear it on a red carpet under the watchful eye of the media. If I did they’d have LOVED it!

Since they have been together there had been a distinct change in Kimmy’s styling and as independent a woman as I am (burning my bra as I type), I actually must admit- I think I quite like it.  Often putting her in Balmain or a little Jean-Paul Gaultier for a special occasion like the Grammy’s, he has managed to keep Kim’s signature sexy aesthetic going, as she still goes for the spray-on, curve-hugging clothes, but now they’ll be in the form of a matching co-ord (of which she must have in every colour of the rainbow) and/or teamed with a statement coat to give an extra shade of chic.  Not a hoop earring in sight. Fair play Kanye.

Now I know if that was MY other half. He can barely get himself dressed in the morning without some input (ahem- interference) from me so the thought of him trying, or let alone wanting, to offer me some vague opinion on how I look is a notion I can’t really relate to. Any negative critique would result in either a snarl, a sob or a sex ban- dependant on severity of comment and current mood. The lad knows better than that. The normal protocol for us mere mortals is to have our other half’s shit a brick when the grand unveiling comes after us getting ready to go out.  After spending a good three hours of fannying about with hair, makeup and wardrobe (and this after the trip to the hairdressers hours before) I still haven’t managed to train mine to mutter more than a “S’nice babe”, so I don’t really fear any imminent input coming from him. Phew!

But who is Kanye to tell his wife what to wear? This fella of hers even took control of the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding! Just imagine having a fella who’d even take note (or really give too much of a shit) about YOUR dress, let alone that of your maids. Kanye, the man who has sat front row at Louis Vuitton sporting a baseball cap, does he really have a clue?

Well, as much as it pains me to admit because I do think he’s rather a fuck-tard, I think he does. Despite being uncommonly fond of rocking a pair of leather look harem pants he actually knows his designer shit and how to put it out there- hence his interest in his wife’s (and Baby North’s) clothing choices as he’s made them part of his brand.

But the whole outrageous hair colour thing? I believe it was done to keep fashion and us peasants on our toes. To create shock and awe. Shock? Yes. Awe? Not so much.

We the followers, the likers, the fans and the haters, we ultimately are the ones that get to say what’s what. They may be the icons and the stars but dammit! – We’re the ones who put them on that pedestal by following them on social media and buying the magazines of which they grace the cover. If that barnet ain’t our bag then I’m sorry Mrs West you’re gonna have to take that bulbous behind back to your hair gurus to give you something we’re a little more pleased by… But if you go pillar-box red I’m deffo copying!

I think they’ll put it down to a lesson learned that they don’t have a divine touch, in terms of style. However, I doubt they’ll lose much sleep in their bed sheets crafted from last seasons Karl Lagerfeld castoffs, about the blonde being just too big a bombshell



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