Scouse Bird Problems – Kitten Prins- Guest Blog

Posted On: 06/09/2012

By: @georginaribenax

Right, so im not sure how you do this bloggin thing, so as this is my first blog, im gonna just take the piss out of a topic close to my heart… A scousers hatred for kitten heels.
Its blatantly a scouse thing cos wools proper love them. Strappy kitten heels, wedge kitten heels, shiny kitten heels, the fuckin lot. An they always manage to match their shoes to their equally as bad fish net vest tops an pink demin skirts. Soz abar you.

So anyway, I think I began to absolutely despise these disgraceful AWFUL disasters when my bezzie pal, Shay, kindly posted a picture on my facebook of brown SUEDE coco pops an I went sick abit in me mouth. Dunno whos lyin to these girls when they ask how they look before they leave the house but they defo need to have a word.

I AM NORRASSED HOW BAD YOUR ANKLES ARE!!! Im norrassed if your shoes are Dior. I am certainly norrassed if blind nuns bbm’ed Lady Gaga an made her piss in them shoes, your still a fuckin weirdo for wearin them. I see wools who got the northen line from whiston to liverpool of a weekend an continue to humiliate themselves an cause visual noise around town every weekend with no concern about anyone elses feelings. Bein funny or nothin, but your shoes offend me now fuck off out me eye.

An another thing, you can prance round liverpool for years, you can bathe in fake tan, backcomb your hair to the high heavens an draw your eyebrows on, but as long as youve got them kittens on your pips, youve blown your cover an now everyone knows your from st helens an sleep with your cousin. IYA JEZZA!

Right, im off to give meself an arabian glow AKA st moriz,

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