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Posted On: 08/12/2014

By: Scouse Bird

There’s no worse feeling than having a head which is totally chocka! Not only have you got to remember to be fabulous at all times but people actually want you to remember things like ‘to-do lists’, phone numbers and directions? Not to mention that when you’re on the phone to someone boring, ie anyone you speak to at work, a girl needs a place to doodle. I’ve got it covered, you can now have a Scouse Bird notebook to go along with your Scouse Bird 2015 Diary. There’s even a matching pen if you want! A5 blank paged jotter.

Please note there is a small printing error on the YTD calendar during the second week in April.

Notebook – £6.99 WITH FREE UK SHIPPING


Notebook & Pen set – £10.00 WITH FREE UK SHIPPING


Pack of 4 pens – £12.49 WITH FREE UK SHIPPING



Scouse Bird

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