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A Scouse Bird Poem from @bethynfinlay xxx

‘We all know that Liverpool is famous worldwide,

Our heritage, history and spirit define Merseyside,

We’re funny and friendly and you can’t miss our gobs,

But there’s something in the Mersey water that’s caused a lot of Scouse Bird Probs…

From the hair, the tan, the nails and fashion,

Looking our best is a Scouse girls passion,

Picking your fave statement necklace can be a tough decision,

And no-one does a smokey eye with a Scouse bird’s precision.

Heels, dress and hair, you’d think we had grand’s in the bank,

Asking your fella to tan your back only makes him a crank,

But your hairs curly blown and your rollers are in,

Going out without eyelashes would be the ultimate sin.

Show Me Love’s on the radio and your rose’s in hand,

You know the nights gonna be eventful because it wasn’t one that’s planned,

Your mates fellas mate’s got you a booth in town,

You cant bare the place but you wont turn it down.

So we’ll give you your Beatles, footy teams and world heritage site,

But for a Scouser, nothings as special as a Saturday night,

We’ll be dead on the Sunday – nothing a roast wont cure,

We’ll do the same next week though – that’s for sure.

We wake up on Monday ready for a week of being Scouse,

Full face with lashes before we leave the house,

Try to take down a Scouse Bird and you’re going to fail,

We’ll ALWAYS be better than the Daily Mail!’


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