Scouse Bird Problems – Sex and the Suburbs

Posted On: 10/05/2014

By: Scouse Bird

went to see the new show at the Royal Court “Sex and the Suburbs” on opening night and you know what? I had a proper laugh. I’ve never been to see an actual play at the Royal Court, only a load of stand ups when it used to be the home of Rawhide. It’s a had a big facelift since then so it’s looking amazing – the fact they’ve now got more than 3 toilets is a massive, MASSIVE improvement and means you don’t have to miss half of the second act still queueing and crossing you legs.

The star of the show is the multi-talented Claire Sweeney who plays ex girl group member and tabloid sweetheart ‘Willow Wallace’. The woman who was originally due to play the other lead role of ‘Penny Crowe’ opposite Claire unexpectedly had to drop out less than a week before the show was due to open so they had to rope in a new actress. She managed to learn the entire script in just 3 days and I genuinely can’t believe how well she did with it. Bravo!

The plot is based around a radio phone in show about sex and relationships. There’s something everyone will relate to (especially Cheryl the serial dater) and some really laugh out loud moments. There’s even the opportunity in the second act to share your own bad date stories and win an Anne Summers bag filled with risque goodies. Wink wink.

If I had to be picky I’d say I felt like it ran a little long, there was a cameo ‘phone in call’ by Pete Price which I thought felt irrelevant….but then I, like everyone else under 40, kind of think Pete Price is irrelevant in general. I spoke to Claire afterwards (who was amazing by the way) and she said they were aiming to cut about half an hour of the show out anyway, so I think that would be a great length for it.

All in all if you’re looking for a night out with the girls that’s a little bit different I’d recommend going to see the show. We had dinner etc first so it was a complete night out.


Scouse Bird

PS Ay Claire, any chance of gettin me on 6o minute makeover? Me kitchen’s a right state.


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