Scouse Bird Problems – The Fresh Prin of Liv-Er


Posted On: 11/01/2013

By: Scouse Bird

Now this is a story all about how My life got flipped turned upside down An I’d like to take a minute just sit right there Ill tell you how I became the Prin of a pool called Liv-er Innnnn West Walton central I lived an lazed At the sunbeds is where I spent most of me days Just chillin out, tannin, an scrannin all food an Shoutin at wools from outside of the pool Then a couple of times me brows were up to no good Wonky eyed nobhead of the neighbourhood I did one little tweet an tagged 3 lil words

It’s the start of scouse bird probs an the start of scouse bird

I pulled up all the probs since age 7 or 8 An i lashed them all on twitter “soz ba use, see ya later” Now I fall out of Kingdom But have fabulous hair An I sit on the throne

As the Prin of Liv-er


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