Scouse Bird Problems – The life of Riley

Posted On: 23/08/2012

By: Scouse Bird

Yeh ok so that Rileyy69 or whatever is indeed a bad meff. A bad meff who craves followers and notoriety so badly he’s willing to pay for it. Seeing as he’s from a large family, one of about 300 kids, that’s a pretty large proportion of his benefits he’s paid out there. Mind you, his mum probably earns a bit on the side givin tours round her cavernous fanny. Mind your head.

Either way, he wants followers. Now I’ve been amused the same as anyone by Ponder and Jesus leathering him, he has well and truly been owned. I mean his comebacks are so awfully generic it’s really not worth gracing him with a tweet, so I won’t. [insert swearword here] + [up the shitter here] divide by [we hate scousers] and you have yourself the Riley comeback formula. I’ve had many tweets asking me to wade into the fray (urgh why does wading remind me of his ma’s fanny tours), but I won’t. Yes I’m outraged that he’s gone there with Rhys Jones….he’ll be at it with Hillsborough next, he’s predictably boring like that.  So what’s his game? What’s he trying to do? Like I said in my blog about keyboard warriors all they’re after is a reaction and exposure, so I’m being the bigger person here and not giving it to him. The little blurt does NOT deserve it. I’m fumin that I’m even having to blog about him. BUT I won’t link to him and I won’t @ him or give out his username. I mean come on, he’s trended in the UK about 5 or 6 times this month. I can guarantee his followers have sky rocketed – and he hasn’t even had to fork out for them. His holey, stained, 3yr old Primark undies must be rock hard with jizz by now. Stop tweeting him! Just stop! Look what what we’re doing for him, he’s loving all this.

He’s even done a little Youtube rant where he cries that people said his belt’s from Primark, “well it’s not its from TJ Hughes”, so get told. That’s the sort of calibre of idiot we’re dealing with here, kicking inanimate objects and rantin to his camera nearly in tears.

Let him think he’s won if that’s what it takes, the little prick is so arrogant and retarded he doesn’t know when he’s been had off for gods sake. Please just let him fade back into obscurity, where he was before Sky News and Tom Daley did him a huge honour and made him famous. Famous for being a skinny, council estate smackrat, but famous none-the-less. Right I’m done talkin about the little prick now. Fumin. Tra.

Scouse Bird


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