Scouse Bird Problems – The Slaggy Bird Anthem


Posted On: 29/08/2012

By: Scouse Bird


Give me a second I I need to get my story straight My friends have all been wondering Why the hell I’m gettin in so late Me fella hes just dumped me so I’m Proppin up the bar My seat’s been taken by some skinny bitch The fuck dya think u are? And just saw that lad I was meetin months ago What was his name? I forget but between the drinks and shotty things He looks more like a 10 than 3 you know I’m trying hard to give a fuck so if by the time the bar closes and im almost falling down

You can take me home

Tonight I’m a slag So let’s set our sex on fire don’t normally do this either

Swear to god

Tonight Im a slag Ur single? Pants on fire U look like a liar

Gerra johnny on!

Now I know I’m easy A lil bit sleazy I guess that I I just thought that maybe we could make me ex fella jelly But youll never call So let’s have a ball

An blame the vodka that ur takin me home


Tonight You’re a slag Don’t blag that ur a nice bird An u don’t do this

All the time

Tonight Ive got the clap If you don’t want ur crotch on fire Then I can do you

Up the bum?


Carry me home tonight Just carry me home tonight Carry me home tonight

Fallin over on cobbles tonight


Ay bird ur deltas outside You’re just a nail an bail Sorry love you’ve got no channy of stayin the night If ur period doesn’t arrive I’ll be at the airport in 5

Soz aba u not goin home tonight


Tonight I’m a slag Give me taxi dough but I’m no whore me thongs on ur floor

Where’s me shoe?


Tonight You’re a slag By the way girl I’ve got pyab lice But u can’t catch aids twice

Lucky for u


So if by the time the bar closes and I keep on falling down

You can probly take me home tonight

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