Scouse Bird Problems – Life discovered on Mars; confirmed as furthest away Wool

Posted On: 12/08/2015

By: Carl Connor

Scientists at NASA have confirmed the existence of life on Mars by studying photographs sent back by the Mars Rover Curiosity earlier in the week.

However, research by top Scouse scientists shed further light on the discovery, by asserting that the aliens are Woolybacks.

Not only that, they’ve suggested they’re actually the biggest Wools in the known universe.

NASA’s Curiosity rover sends back images of Woolybacks on Mars

“Its simple logic.” claims Terry, Head Space Lad at the Scouse Aerospace Laboratory Limited (ScALL).

“The distance you live from Liverpool is directly proportional to how big of a Wool you are. Ipso Facto, you live on Mars, you’re a massive wool”.

Previous record holders for being the furthest away Wool include Neil Armstrong, Crocodile Dundee, and a penguin.

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