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Posted On: 16/12/2013

By: Scouse Bird

One question I get asked all the time is where my extensions are from. Finding decent extensions is like negotiating a minefield and the longer you go, the more precarious – but of course everyone knows; the longer the better.

I had Celebrity Elite 22″ since May this year on microrings. They were good don’t get me wrong but the bonds on them were gluetips and after about a month they broke down (see pic) leading to shedding and the hair just sliding out the rings. Deena my extensionist (get me) recommended I try Angelus hair as since switching to them she refused to stock any other hair. It’s premium Russian hair, available in loads of lengths and best of all it’s stick tipped (which means the bonds don’t break down). The stick tip is like the end of a shoe lace.

Seeing as I was getting new hair I thought I might as well get a new length; once you get used to a certain length you just want more! Long hair, don’t care. I decided to go for the 24″ length and oh my god there is just SO MUCH HAIR! I’m 5’10″ and it’s right down to my bum, I feel like a friggin mermaid it’s boss. When she was putting it in it was actually sat in my lap.

Don’t get me wrong, hair this length isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s not an easy task washing and blow drying it (which is why I opt for a lot of curly blows) but it’s worth it when you get to do a bitchy hair flick at any snarlers. 

For enquiries you can find Angelus hair on Twitter, Facebook or on their website. If you click Deena’s name (further up) you can find her Twitter page too.

Here’s my original blog on microrings too.

Happy hair swishing!


Scouse Bird


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