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I’ve made mistakes in my time and I’ve found some absolute gems of products that I can no longer live without. So consider this the official start of my best and worst series, where I’ll be dishing the dirt on the best things and the worst things I’ve ever bought.

If you’re going to part with your hard earned cash and drop dollar on a product, you want to make sure it’s actually worth that soul destroying overtime you did that Sunday when you were dying and sweating out pure gin. There’s nothing worst than spending £20 on something that turns out to be as useful (and as heartbreaking) as fake pockets on a dress.

Let’s kick off with skincare – specifically cleanser. I know it’s not the sexiest product, it’s not a new lippy or a ‘sold out everywhere even in Antartica’ eye palette, but it’s important goddamit! A good cleanser can make or break your skincare routine. A good one should leave cleaning your make up off at the end of the day so fuss free that it’s almost a pleasure. Almost.

The Best

I love this so much I’ll happily stop strangers in the street and tell them all about it. All other cleansers in the world should just bow out and be discontinued because Lush has won. Ultrabland is the GOAT. I received this as a sample in a goody bag last year and I can’t live without it. I was in Lush last week and actually found out the back story to how it came about; someone with extremely sensitive skin begged the people at Lush to make something that would be kind to her skin and Ultrabland was the result. She loved it so much she now works for them.

Why’s it so boss?

It’s based in Beeswax and almond oil and feels like an oil when you apply it, but it’s not oily if you get me? It’s just kind of moisturisey. I rub a little blob in my hands and apply all over my face and it will melt through everything; setting spray, liquid lipstick, waterproof mascara and eyelash glue. I then clean it off using a wet and in one fell swoop, bang, my face is clean. None of this double cleansing crap. Ultrabland is the king and you should all bow down. For £12 a tub (that lasts AAAAAGGGES) you can’t go wrong.

The worst

I actually came up with the idea for this post because I hated this so much. I’d heard so many good things around the ‘blogosphere’ about this product and the packaging was so pretty but I have to conclude that they were all chatting wham. I bought Pixi Double Cleanse at the BSC and I proper can’t understand what all the fuss is about – maybe it’s the novelty factor of having a tub that’s half cream cleanser and half solid oil.

Picture credit: Pixi Beauty

Why’s it so bad?

For a start – the double cleanse title is misleading. It takes me at least 4 cleanses before I’m even close to having my make up off – EVEN USING THE OIL. Secondly, I don’t know if they’ve infused it with sulphuric acid but even if I don’t use it near my eyes, my eyes sting and leak for a good 24 hours after. Applying eyeliner is stressful enough thanks. If I DO use it on my eyes then that’s it, I’m registered blind for the rest of the night. I wish to clarify that I don’t have sensitive eyes either. Thirdly it was like £24 and I ended up binning it – I could have bought 2 full size Ultrablands for that. No tar. In its defence, if there’s anyone you’d like to blind, it’s the perfect Christmas gift.

So that’s it – my best and worst. If there’s anything you’d like to see me cover next, let me know in the comments below or on social 😘


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