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You only have to so much as look at freshly nail polished hands and they start chipping, so when gel nails arrived a few years ago it was hallelujahs all round.

With it costing anywhere between £20 and £30 for a salon to apply a full set of gel nails on your fingers (before we’ve even got to your toes) I wondered if it was something you could just do yourself. Let’s face it, when they do it it looks like a piece of piss.

For £35 you can get yourself a UV lamp complete with timer just like they have in the salons – I ordered this one from Amazon by a company called KISS.


If you get the french manicure kit as well (about another £30) then it comes with a base coat, top coat, petal pink gel and 26 french tips.

It’s just as easy to use as you think it is. The french tips just glue on and then you bend back the plastic and it snaps off leaving a perfectly applied french tip which you just apply a base coat, the petal pink gel and then a top coat over, curing them under the UV lamp in between for between 30 and 60 seconds at a time.

To do my whole set of nails it took less than 10 minutes and best of all… no waiting for an appointment. Buy this kit and use it more than once and you’ve already saved money. You can even buy the Kiss gel colours in Tesco now. Winner.



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