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The world has suddenly gone interior mad. Whether it’s the rise and rise of Mrs Hinch or the millions of home decor and renovation accounts on instagram (quick plug for my own here), we’re all desperate to have a Pinterest worthy home. With more and more people craving that interior inspo I decided to put together an ‘Interior Only’ Christmas gift guide so that anyone of any gender can get something that they really want this Christmas – house porn. Here’s the Christmas homewares gift guide for 2018 – full of unique finds from all corners of the home decor world – and not even all from Homesense so you have a chance of picking them up for yourself.

A personalised history of their home

Chances are, if someone you know has taken on the ‘challenge’ that is a period house, it’s not because they just adore fixed damp or living through a full electrical rewire, it’s because they absolutely love history and all the memories and character that bring with them. I guarantee anyone with any sort of period property will absolutely adore this present from Find Me A Gift. You enter their address and receive a gorgeous, high quality folder filled with maps showing how their immediate and surrounding areas have built up over time along with tons of tips on how they can continue researching the home’s history and even its previous occupants. It truly is a very special gift that they’ll cherish.

Fancy Tumblers

Cocktails are king and a pack of smart price tumblers just aren’t going to cut it in the world of Instagram and Pinterest. Pretty drinks need pretty glasses and so a set of beautifully cut tumblers is an ideal gift for a home obsessed love one this year. The Manhattan tumblers (Duralex) available for only £2.49 a glass in Lakeland stores are a classic design that will suit literally any interior style and they come in whiskey tumbler style and hi-ball. The timeless design means it will look great in a period themed property and the simple design looks great in a minimalist or Scandi setting. In short, they’re perfect.

Hygge footstool

Nothing says hygge winter nights like a bit of fur (faux of course). There are rugs and throws a plenty but if the person you’re buying a gift for this year really likes to stand out then let’s try something a bit different. This furry footstool from Icon screams comfort and luxury and the neutral tones mean it will fit in any colour scheme and any style house – from quirky period properties to minimal scandi, the footstool will feel at home in any home. It’s versatile too – if you use your imagination it can be so much more than a footstool; a mini table (maybe adorned with candle tray), a pet bed or even a mini seat for your mini humans. When you pop your feet on it they sink in like memory foam too so as an added hygge bonus, it doesn’t just look good, it feels good and that’s what the whole vibe is about.

Megastone pans

If you’ve ever been on Slimming World you’ll no doubt have heard Sandra and Sue lamenting the fact that Frylight destroys their pans. Girls, it’s not the Frylight, it’s the crap pans. Get yourself some good quality ones that also look absolutely at home in any house proud kitchen. The (saucepans, woks, griddles) are an aesthetically pleasing textured grey colour that’ll sit nicely with cool and neutral colour palettes, plus you just TRY and get Frylight to ruin them Sandra, it’s just not possible. Whoever the kitchen lover is in your life, they’ll adore this culinary themed Christmas homewares gift.

Light up kettle

There’s no sight more beautiful than a steaming cup of tea, fresh out the kettle (until you forget about it and it goes cold) and there’s no reason why the kettle can’t match its beauty. This glows red when it’s boiling and changes to blue when it’s done so you can see at a glance if the water is ready to grace your teabag without waiting on tenterhooks for ‘the click’.

Soooo pretty.

Hair Tool Tidy

The work has gone Minky mad thanks to Mrs Hinch and HinchsArmy – their scourer cloth cannot be found anywhere for love nor money. Minky don’t just do cleaning cloths though, they have whole range of amazing things for keeping the home clean and tidy. While they are associated with cleaning products and therefore might not featured heavily on Christmas Homewares santa lists across the country, this might be about to change your mind. Their hair tool today is as pretty as it is practical. Instead of a tangles mess of wires and burn marks on the floor, this gorgeous tidy (which comes in black with a rose gold trim) will keep all your hair styling products away and keep the bedroom or dressing room (depending on how posh you are) permanently instagram worthy.

Swoon table

Here’s something for you to swoon over – if you ever seen online or visited the Spectrum Brushes shop in London then I know you know exactly what I’m going to talk about… THOSE tables. The gorgeous malachite/green marble tables which I assume they had custom made because I have searched the internet high and low and all to no avail. Facebook however is always watching and sure enough a sponsored ad came up with not the exact table but one that’s hella similar. The beautiful green marble and brass tripod Pearl table. I mean, Swoon’s website is one long swoon fest if you’re into your furniture porn, but this one stands out.

Hexagonal mirror

Every room needs a wow feature. I’ve had this mirror for a year or two now and I always get comment on it. it’s one of those versatile pieces that fits in any style home again. The hexagonal shape is modern but it has echoes of period style. The hardest decision will be – silver or rose gold??? It’s from the Ideal Home collection with Very and it’s just pages and pages of utter gorgeousness.

Personalised candle

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t have a serious scented candle addiction. It’s like a routine: Tidy a room, clean a room, light a candle when finished right? Now you really can get the canddict in your life something over their very own. Soy and Joy use a range of seriously fit scents in the prettiest jars and the best thing is, you can choose one of their pre-made quotes or get something completely custom made… The Egyptian Amber is wonderfully cosy.

Homesense voucher

Finally, if the home obsessed person in your life is just too unpredictable and too hard to buy for then of course you can just buy them vouchers and there’s nowhere better than Homesense for one off, never before seen and will never see again finds. It’s our Mecca.


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