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It’s somewhat of a Xmas tradition that I do a Cheats Guide to a curly blow just before Xmas every year, exploring the new and ingenious inventions out there to help lazy fucks like me, have fantastic hair. Last year I was pregnant and mostly sleeping or chucking my guts up but this year I’m back, and as a new mum I even have less time and I’m even more lazy when it comes to my hair. I’ve even got a long bob (not a speak to the manager haircut though, never a speak to the manager bob!).


Having 24″ extensions isn’t for the faint hearted and anyone who rocks this, I salute you. Yes, hair down to your bum looks amazing but it does require that extra bit of effort to keep it looking anywhere half decent.

In an ideal world we’d all have a curly blow slave who would be there at our beck and call ready to make us look fabulous whenever we require. However, slavery was abolished some time ago and I don’t know about you but I can’t afford a daily trip to the hairdressers. It’s a cruel, cruel world we live in isn’t it ladies? Here’s what I do in between professional blow dries in order to stay looking ‘prin-tastic’.

Before we go any further though, I have a confession to make. I’m 31 and I still haven’t mastered GHD curls. I can do one side and then the other side goes limper than my ex’s dick after a night on the JD & coke. All I can really do with GHD’s is straighten my hair. But now I’ve got me a styler that does both.

The TYME styler is like an idiot’s guide to iron curls. It’s like a straightener and of course it straightens BUT it has a kink in the barrel that guides your hair through and results in gorgeous bouncy curls, or waves, or ringlets (if you’re from Runcorn in 1999) depending on the thickness of the hair you pass through.

You just thread your hair between the two handy guide lines, twist it then pull your hair through, that’s it, you’re done. How amazing is that?? Then if you want to straighten, just thread your hair through the other side instead. It’s a Xmas miracle!

Plus it comes in a gorgeous champagne/rose gold colour.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a little bit tricky to get my head around (no pun intended) for the first few goes. That was mainly due to my crapness with directions. I was doing it in the mirror and I kept twisting it the wrong way like a totaly biff. Once I’d worked it out in my own head it was plain sailing. For my long bob I ended up with gorgeous messy beach waves. Here’s a video of the bad boy in action…

Take my money – where is this from?

The TYME styler is from TYME themselves, the little geniuses (is that the plural of genius??). You can buy it here.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Hair…



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