Scouse Bird Problems – Cheats Guide: To looking like Marilyn

Posted On: 26/11/2014

By: Scouse Bird

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Warhol exhibition at the Tate on the Albert Dock and as you can exepct, it was breathtaking. It got me thinking about one of his biggest muses, Marilyn Monroe – move over Edie Sedgewick, there’s only one Alpha Female.

There’s no look in the world which is more iconic than that of Marilyn. She isn’t just a yardstick for 50’s glamour, she’s a yardstick for glamour full stop. Her timeless beauty and make up style is one that will never go out of fashion. 

It’s such a simple look and yet it can be so hard to perfect, ya feel me girls? I asked the wonderful ladies at So Coco Rouge to talk us through it step by step so now we can all look classy as fuck this Xmas – even if we do end up grinding on the area managers knee at the work’s Christmas party*

*I’ve never done that. Honest.


 Now that we’re all looking like stone cold stunners make sure you have a boss Xmas and New Year and don’t forget, no matter how many vodkas you drink, the office wrong’un is still a wrong’un so no necking him, K? And photocopying your arse, it’s been done.

For all the Marilyn fans, don’t forget there’s a Warhol exhibition on at the Tate right now where you can see some of his most iconic pieces in the flesh, even the Marilyn prints which have influenced like, everywhere. Even my Twitter picture is based on it.


Scouse Bird

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