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Every now and again I get a little surprise in the post from Illamasqua (perks of the job) as they launch their new collections to their network of bloggers.  The one I received this week has got to be my favourite one in ages – all red. I love a bit of vampy red on the lips and nails. It speaks of the time of 50′s glamour and it’s perfect for Valentine’s day; although not perfect if you’re planning on necking anyone cos there’ll just be lippy everywhere.

One thing I always used to struggle on with red lipstick was how the hell to get it to stay on the lips; it likes to get everywhere apart from where it’s actually supposed to be. A friend of mine showed me a little tip involving layering and I’ve never looked back.

Step 1 – This is essentially a prep step. In winter, chapped lips are a major hazard so I like to keep well hydrated, well moisturised and I use an old dry toothbrush to gently buff off any dry skin. Smooth, muah!

Step 2 – Draw around the lip line with a red lipliner. The one I used is called ‘Fiesty’ from the new Illamasqua collection and it’s a nice true red. I had a rimmel one before than but it had a slight orange tinge to it, I prefer this one as it’s much more of a true red. I try and stay away from reds with a hint of orange as they make your teeth look yellow and instead try and stick to true reds or even ones with a hint of blue. Sounds weird I know, but get on it. Once I’ve drawn over the lip line (and go right up to it to give the illusion of fuller lips) I then colour the rest of the lips in. This is the trick to get it to stay on for longer as the pencil clings to the lips better and gives the lipstick something to cling to.

Step 3 – Then put your lipstick on. The one I’ve used is called ‘Maneater‘ and again it’s a true red. Once you’ve applied one layer, press your lips onto some tissue to blot and then apply another layer.

Step 4 – Finally apply your gloss. How you want to do this is up to you. I’ve done it all over on this picture to give a full sexy pout but you can just dab a little in the centre to make them pop. This one is called ‘Touch‘ and it has a hint of shimmer to it.

There you go, now you have the perfect kissable pout….you just can’t kiss anyone with it. You can shop the new Illamasqua collection here.

Also I received a gorgeous red nail varnish called ‘Throb‘ which is from their new collection. I normally go and get my nails done in town or Shellac’d so I thought I’d have a little competition to give it away. For everyone who RT’s this blog on Twitter or likes/comments on Facebook I’ll enter you into a random draw and get it sent out to a lucky winner. Mwah!


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