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Look, I’m not really a massive believer in fancy face creams and pentasuperpeptides that claim they’ll make your wrinkles less visible if used 3 times a day for the next 5 years – I’m just not about that life. From my skincare routine I want results and I want them instantly – or there and thereabouts.

Imagine my horror on falling pregnant last year when I realised I wouldn’t be able to have Botox for the best part of a year (and I was due a top up!) – Botox is my day one homie. Botox gots my back. In short, Botox works, really well. Now here I am, my baby is 4 months old and I’m still Botox-less (can’t have it while you’re breastfeeding either *rolls eyes*) and my face is going to the dogs.

Or it was anyway.

I met the lovely people over at Deciem who claim they do skincare, but not in the usual way. All the big brands that claim to have X active ingredients and Y magic formulas have so little of the actual thing that does the work that you might as well just lash some pound shop moisturiser on for all the good it’s gonna do you. Deciem have really high concentrations of the active ingredients so they’ll get you results fast.

I tried 4 skincare products and here’s what I can tell you.

This is the number one selling hand cream in Boots. Not only does it smell fit (kind of like Parma Violets) but it’s got a whopping 19.5% active ingredient. Whoop! If you use it religiously then it makes your hands look plumper and younger. Now unfortunately girls, you can Botox your face all you like but when your hands start to age, they really start giving the game away. I’ve avoided having my hands caught on camera since about 2012  but recently I’ve started to allow my nail girl to take pics of my nails, and as you know, nails and engagement rings are what hands were made to show off. It gets two younger looking thumbs up from me.

This is a deep clean mousse, so when you’ve cleaned off all your make up after you’ve woken up from a heavy night (because no one cleans their makeup off before bed lets face it, tut tut) and you need to make sure you’ve got all the vodka, shame and random fellas saliva out of your pores thenjust lather up this gold shimmery mousse (yes it’s shimmery) and you’ll have super clean, super soft skin. Every little helps when it comes to taking the edge off a hangover.

Now this is where the magic really happens. These are actually two standalone products and they can be used together or separately. I used them together so I can’t say which product did what but I have my suspicions.

The Hyaluronic acid is the ingredient you’ll find in a lot of beefed up industrial strength anti ageing serums, this is the one that clears all your dead skin & keeps you plumped and hydrated. The Copper Amino serum (which is bright blue) is designed to keep your skin in a constant state of repair and claims you’ll see visible results in 5 days. They also look like a little chemistry set which is fab.

My results

Here’s what happened to me: My chin has always been my problem area when it comes to spots. It’s always full of blackheads and if I’m going to get an actual spot, that’s where it’ll be. Within two days of using this NIOD combo I’d had a huge breakout on my chin. There was around 10 big beefy spots, all full of crap. I was worried I’d had a reaction but when they’d popped and cleared a couple of days later I had the clearest, cleanest chin I’ve ever had and I haven’t had a single spot since. I haven’t even got any blackheads to squeeze which is kind of boring tbh – who doesn’t love squeezing blackheads?

I’ve been wearing less make up since and have even left the house on a couple of occasions make up free (Not mascara though, never mascara. No one needs to see me looking like a potato). I’ll end on a humble brag – last night I went the offy and the fella actually ID’d me. I was that shocked that I forgot how old I was and told him I was 25. You’re 31 Steph, get a grip. Luckily I had my passport on me or I’d have been one fuming, wine-less Scouse Bird.

So yeh, Deciem, it works!

Now read about my love affair with make up.


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