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She’s been there for you when gobshites ain’t, she’s matched you shot for shot at every bar in town (and Ibiza) – it’s time to show your best mate some love. Here’s the xmas gift guide 2018.

Love Island Board Game

I mean technically this is a game for couples but the hottest TV show of the year just became  the . it’s been a few months now since Dani and Jack stole our hearts and I don’t know about you but I for one am still suffering withdrawal symptoms. So grab your best mate and your fellas and spend a night over the Xmas period getting merry and being anything but bored.

Why she’ll love it: It’s totally her type on paper

Do bits society

A good night’s sleep

SMUG is exactly what your mate is gonna be feeling when she has an amazing night of sleep courtesy of your Xmas gift giving prowess. There’s nothing worse than being out partying until 4am and then being rudely awoken by the sunlight at some ungodly hour like 11am. Seriously light? You really gonna play us like that?

The fits around and away from the eye area (meaning her lash extensions will survive the night completely unscathed and she’ll have years more of being wrinkle free in the delicate under eye area) so even when she’s having some Tom Hardy based REM her eyes will still be totally gorgeous and kempt AF. It’s basically a bra for the eyes… but a bra you’ll actually want to sleep in.

Why she’ll love it: Beauty sleep will really mean beauty sleep.

Scouse Bird Food Diary

You know after those cosy Xmas sleepovers you’ve been having with the pringles and selection boxes (sooooo many selection boxes) you’ll be hitting the salad graft hard come January. There’s no better way to stay motivated than by being in it together – so get matching food diaries for you and your bezzie and of course you’ll both be swanning round work in bikinis come summer.

Why she’ll love it: It’s fresh new stationery!

The gift of luck

Whether it’s going from job to job (and hating them all) or having terrible luck with men, you’re there through thick and thin and share all your best mates heartaches as if they were your own. Now you can get her a free wish – we’ve all seen the shiny gold waving cats in any Chinatown, well they’ve had a makeover and now they’re looking super chic. The Lucky Lucky Cat comes in matte black or white and you can even decorate it – so now she can wish for a knight in shining armour instead of a gobshite in tin foil for 2019 or even just a pair of Louboutins and trust that the cute little feline will make it happen.

Why she’ll love it: It’s like the secret, but cuter.

Guylian seashells

Nothing says quality bezzie mate time than a night in front of the telly, cosy as fuck, watching Christmas films and indulging yourself. Guylian seashells are the chocolates to end all chocolates and I’ll fight anyone who claims otherwise – there’s just no topping the  marbley swirls with a praline centre. They are little shells of heaven and a film night just wouldn’t be a film night without them.

Why she’ll love it: Well, this is more of a ‘why you’ll love it’ and the answer is because she’ll deffo share them with you!

Three Graces Rose Gin

Scouse Bird has spoken – prosecco is dead, long live gin. If your mate isn’t yet on to the brilliance of gin yet then get her to read this, if she IS onto it then I’m preaching to the choir. Treat her (and probably you too – after all, you do pre-drink in hers A LOT) to an extra special bottle of super Scouse pink gin with this super pretty, sophisticated tipple, distilled in our very fair home city.

Why she’ll love it: It’s gin mate. What’s not to love?

a rose for a rose

A clear conscience

David Attenborough did what experts have been trying to do for years – he got us all to give a F about recycling.  No one wants plastic straws anymore and we’re all a bit more mindful of the wasteful packaging we all consume. Waxed reusable coffee cups aren’t widely recycled and considering how much coffee we need to get us through the day, a more sustainable solution could go a long way. This is pretty and it’s completely environmentally friendly.

Why she’ll love it: Dur, she’s saving the turtles!

More xmas gift guide 2018 coming soon…


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