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Yes girls, you heard me right, fat dissolving injections! Some of you will already be like ‘Where? How? Gimme gimme gimme!’ while others recoil in horror. When it comes to radical treatments like lipo, botox, breast augmentation you’re in one of two camps; for or against. I personally am all for a bit of ‘help’ from advances in science, the one thing I wouldn’t do is change my face in any way (save botox because that just relaxes what’s already there) like fillers or nose jobs because there’s too many weird faces in the world due to botched jobs. No tar.

I was invited by Dr James Clinic in town (Liverpool city centre for my none native readers) to try their brand new Aqualyx injections which dissolve fat in a targeted area on the body. I was all like “Hell yeah! Sign me up!” – who wouldn’t want to try that? It’s a much less violent procedure than lipo.

As I sat down to fill out my medical questionnaire it was only then that I thought to ask, “Ok so how does this all work then?”

Sharon explained that Dr James would take a look at the areas that needed dissolving (so like everywhere apart from the boobs then yeah?) and mark them off with a pen (just like liposuction on TV!) then he’d insert a cannula needle and inject the fat areas underneath the skin with Aqualyx. Basically a cannula needle is a long hollow needle, the same as what they use during liposuction to suck the fat out except this one would be much more like a needle and less like a massive hoover tube; they showed me it and I’d never have guessed it was a tube. She then explained that this would be done without any anaesthetic whatsoever; she must’ve seen the look of horror on my face as she assured me that it’s not a painful procedure just a little uncomfortable and the whole thing would be over within 10 minutes. I was apprehensive to say the least.

We decided to inject my lower abdomen as my stomach is actually pretty flat anyway but my lower abdomen is always a bit rounder than my upper abdomen and I can never get that bit completely flat. That’s exactly what this procedure is designed for; the stubborn areas you can’t get rid of, it’s not a solution if you need to lose a lot of weight. She said that my stomach would be tender for a few days and the area would be quite swollen and there may be some bruising. She’d just had the procedure herself and said I’d be like “Oh dear god what have I done??” but after a few days the swelling will go down and after 2 weeks I’d notice the area would be significantly reduced. Ok inject me up.

The procedure did hurt a little, I’m not going to lie to you. It was about halfway between getting your botox done and getting your extensions tightened if you want a field of reference. Sharon kept me talking while Dr James worked his magic with his cannula. The Aqualyx contains a bit of lidocaine (what dentists use to numb your gums) so once the stuff starts getting injected the area numbs anyway. It was over pretty quickly and Sharon kept me gabbing throughout so I didn’t notice it too much.

The next day I tried legging it for the bus and my stomach ached like I’d been doing 1000 sit ups and I had to wear baggy clothes for a couple of days like a teenager trying to hide a pregnancy from her parents BUT the swelling and pain had gone down after a few days as promised.

I had this done the week before Xmas so it’s hard for me to give you an accurate reading of inch loss BUT despite Xmas I lost an inch off the area and it definitely looks flatter than it did before. Most people get 2-3 treatments on an area so I think I’ll definitely go back for another one. You have to leave 3-4 weeks between treatments and it’s £2-300 per session completely depending on the size of the area. For a week after the treatment you can’t do any form of strenuous exercise (damn!) or take a really hot bath; drinking lots of water and no alcohol is also advised.

So there you go, now you know all about fat dissolving injections and I have a flatter tummy. I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Dr James Clinic website: www.drjamesclinic.co.uk

Dr James on twitter: @Dr_James_Clinic


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