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In my line of work I’m lucky enough to be able to speak to beauty and skin experts on a regular basis. They all have little nuggets of wisdom when it comes to looking after our largest and most visible organ; our skin. So I’m going to share some of the best tips (obvious and not so obvious) on how to improve your skin – fast.

Drink water

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first shall we? Drink loads of water. You’ve heard this all before I know; it’s an oldy but a goody. Everyone from your personal trainer to your nan likes to tell you that our bodies are made up of like 243% water or something so we need to drink 50 litres a day. In all honesty, 2-3 litres should do it, and it’ll leave your skin clearer, brighter and more plumped up looking. Also it helps with digestion and weight loss and all that malarkey. Aim to go the toilet about 40 times an hour and your urine should be clear and then you’ll know you’re on the right track. An app that actually helps me is called My Water, it sends you little reminders telling you when to drink.

Diet and exercise

Eat right and exercise. Again, I know it’s a snooze fest but a good diet and exercise will have your whole body doing internal clapping and cheering. Including your skin. I dunno, it’ll be something to do with endorphins like but exercise and the right food will give you fab skin.

Fall out with sugar

Next stop – sugar. Sugar is dead bad for us, we know this, but sometimes the lure of a family size galaxy is just too much. I get it girls. When I was younger I used to get loads of tiny little spot bumps under my skin on my forehead. They weren’t great dirty whiteheads or anything, but they would pop and at any one time there must have been at least 60 of them. My bumpy fod would have been great for off-roading. Then the Atkins diet came out and the whole world went on a big mad anti-carb trip. After 2 weeks of cutting out sugar, those bumps had gone, and if I ever go on a long term sugar binge, my skin goes terriblé. Cutting out sugar is a dead quick route to lovely skin.

Fish will improve your skin!

Eat more fish. For years I couldn’t bear fish, the smell of anything other than a tuna mayo butty would make me gag. Luckily, I’m a stubborn fucker and if I want to like something I’ll make myself like it. I did it with coffee, tomatoes, olives and now fish – still trying on the celery front but I’ll get there. Anyway, fish – if you don’t like it, start yourself off with those Birdseye Inspirations Salmon in the lemon sauce. Trust me, it doesn’t even taste like you’re eating fish and they’re free on Slimming World (and if it swims it slims). Once you’ve had these, they’re like a gateway drug to all other fish. The reason why you should eat more fish, particularly salmon, is the oil in it does amazing things to your skin. There was a famous best-seller by someone called  who saved loads of women from having facelifts just by putting them on a salmon-rich diet. For the weeks before the Oscars, all the Hollywood guys and gals eat a shit-ton of salmon to get their skin red carpet ready.

Take it off, take it off

Clean your make up off at night you dirty mare. What on earth do you think that full coverage MAC foundation and that Urban Decay setting spray is doing to your pores? Huh? Huh??!

Also make sure you’re cleaning your make up brushes. Yeh yeh ano, cleaning your make up brushes is about as interesting as listening to your co-worker tell you about the dream they had last night but it’s dead important. All that months old foundation will be full of bacteria and ALSO the little fine flakes of dried crap mix in with your foundation, go on your face and make your makeup look shit. Do you feel a bit like your foundation isn’t sitting right at the moment? You don’t need a new foundation, you need to clean your brushes. Fear not though, this silicone makeup brush cleaner is £3.99 and will have your brushes absolutely squeaky clean in less than a minute. Swear down.

Bin the baby wipes

While we’re on the subject of cleaning your make up off at night – SWERVE THE WIPES. Any MUA, beautician or Nan from here to Jupiter will tell you they’re not good for your skin. Use a cream cleanser and some cotton wool pads – they’re so much kinder to your skin. If you want to be real environmentally friendly then you can use a damp flannel or muslin with your cleanser and then not only is it reusable but it gets your make up off quicker anyway. If you want to know what my favourite cleanser in the whole wide world is then read this when you’re done. Side note: why are nans such experts on everything btw?

Start the day the clean way

Make sure you clean your skin in the morning as well as at night. (What Scouse Bird? What ball ache routine are you dropping on me now??). One of the major functions of the skin is to cleanse our bodies. During the night your pores secrete toxins and you sweat too – clean it off in the morning!

Cheap moisturiser is ok

A good serum is more important than a good moisturiser. You can get a tub of any cheap moisturiser from your local Home and Bargain if you like, but drop a little bit of dough on a good serum and it’ll make any moisturiser up to 200x more effective. And I’m not even exaggerating on that one. The  one is good and it smells boss too.

Protect yo’self

Use an SPF. Telling a Scouse bird to stay out of the sun is like telling a slice of pizza to stop being so fit and tempting. It’s just not in our nature. At least use an SPF (don’t worry, you can still tan!) – but don’t just use it in the sun, use it every day, even in winter. Get one in your moisturiser and even your foundation.

Sleep like a prin

Finally – and this one is so extra – get yourself a silk or to sleep on. The softness of the fabric is just kinder to your lovely little face. While you’re at it get your full 8 hours as well – I swear it will improve your skin.

Go forth and have fab skin girls! if you have any hints and tips on how to improve your skin then let me know in the comments 🙂

Sources for tips: Vicky at Suites Spa Kirkby, Joanne Willcox Clinic Chester, Craig McCoy personal trainer, Slimming World, The Make Up Artist Bold Street, me nan.


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