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Staying in is the new going out and there’s nothing more wholesome than a good old fashioned games night. I have regular game nights and whether or not it involves drinking copious amounts of alcohol, one thing is guaranteed, there’s going to be a lot of laughs and some very heated exchanges…

The mobile network giffgaff kindly sent me a games night pack so I could grab my mates together and go nuts for board games.

Here’s everything you need to be able to host the perfect games night:

1. Games 

Sounds obvious right? It is, you can’t have games night without games but you have to make sure you get the right mix. Scrabble is all well and good but it doesn’t necessarily make for a fun, fast paced night. Cards Against Humanity is always a winner and giffgaff sent us a selection of Big Potato games – my fave of which was deffo ‘Weird Things Humans Search For’ – a game where you’re told a common google search and you have to fill in the blanks. It gets weird…. very weird.

2. Mates

I don’t care how fun you are, unless you’re James McEvoy in split, you can’t have a games night on your own. giffgaff is the network that likes to connect people so they even sent us sim cards so we could stay in touch and organise the night.

3. Scran

Finger food, snacks and of course the classic takeaway pizza. This is not the night for a sit down meal.

4. A prize

If you’re going to have regular games night then investing in a trophy to be fought for at each night would be a boss idea.

5. Music

Rather than designate one person to play DJ (way too much responsibility), turn to DJ Alexa with an Echo Dot so then everyone can take turns in shouting out what they want.

6. A camera

The whole point of spending time with friends is to make memories and what better way to do it than by capturing it on camera. giffgaff kindly sent me a Go Pro camera and tons of accessories so you could even disunite one person to wear a head cam all night and capture it all… if you dare.

7. A designated Monica

SOMEONE needs to read out the rules of each game and make sure they’re adhered to right? Rules mean we can all have fun 😝


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