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As a Scouse girl, I consider myself to be quite low maintenance when it comes to my beauty regime. That being said, I’m sure girls from other parts of the country would be horrified at how much work goes in to being the average Scouse girl – we are high maintenance as standard. We get extensions, lashes, HD brows, lip fillers, botox, acrylics and spray tans just for a normal night out – you don’t even wanna know what goes into Christmas parties and Aintree races (AKA The Scouse Oscars red carpet).

I am inherently lazy though – so to achieve Scouse beauty standards, if I can find a corner, I will happily cut it. I’ve just had a discussion with my very best mates about their ‘low maintenance hacks’ for being a high maintenance girl and here’s some of the best ones to save you time and energy.

Choose your colour wisely

Ok you can’t be expected to do you own nails like a mere peasant so a trip to the nail shop is a must. Stretch the time out between trips to the nail shop but getting your nails painted nude – preferably as close to your own skin colour as possible. No one will even notice that you’re crying out for an infill.

Take the heartache out of washing your extensions

No one, and I mean no one, can be arsed washing their hair on the regs – let alone if they have extensions. So don’t wash them – faux hair doesn’t get greasy anyway. Just tie your extensions back in a tight bun and just wash your own hair on the top of your head. Takes 2 minutes to wash and dry it – you’re welcome. Although I’m aware some of the low maintenance pros reading this will be an old hand at this trick.

Nail some fancy greasy hair styles

When you’re really pushing it on the hair wash front and your hair is mainly made up of dry shampoo and prayers, throwing it up in a bun isn’t going to fool anyone. A bun just screams ‘It’s been 5 days since my hair’s seen a brush’ – it’s bang on. You need to get creative. The half up half down bun (a la Khloe K), backcombed space buns or indeed the Kim K skull plaits are perfect ways to hide great hair on the down low. God bless the Kardashians and their services to shit hair days.

This one’s for the blondes..

Need your roots doing? Dry shampoo. Need a silver toner on your yellowing locks. DRY SHAMPOO. Or if you’ve ran out – good old talc. For the brunettes – try a bit of brown eyeshadow on your roots, but don’t waste the good stuff. Either get a Collection 2000 just for that purpose or get the hairdressers stat.

Don’t waste your time where the sun don’t shine

Fake tanning for a night out but going to be wearing a long sleeve top and tights? Then girls just tan your face and neck – OBV! Why waste your time doing a full body tan than no one’s going to see. Same goes for shaving your legs and armpits.

Low maintenance moisture

Save yourself from having to do a full body moisturising session by using moisturising shower gel. More time to sit in your PJ’s and watch Netflix now 💅

Makeup bag rage

Trying to find something in your never ending pit of a makeup bag not only wastes valuable time but also causes a ridiculous amount of mess. What you need is a makeup bag that also opens up as a mat! No more makeup tantrums! You can find everything you need at a glance and your whole makeup construction area tidies away in seconds. It’s a thing of rare beauty and practicality and you need it in your life.

Easiest way to earn your wings

When you’re already running late because lets be honest the extra 20 minutes of beauty sleep is ALWAYS worth it – getting your wing liner spot on is going to be tricky in literally 5 minutes right? Not anymore, theres a stamp for that and it’ll have you nailing the perfect flick every time. Best few quid you’ve ever spent…


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