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Do you ever feel you may have a slight problem when it comes to make-up? An all-consuming, ‘I need more’ obsession that is driving you crazy and draining your bank account quicker than you can say ‘MAC?’ Yep, me too. In fact, I think it would be more apt to use the word ‘addiction.’ I’m addicted to the rush of trying on a new lipstick, the thrill of spending way too much on a designer perfume, the excited/sick feeling you get when you realise you look in your shopping bag and it’s full of amazing products which you will have to hide in the wardrobe. I’d probably be mainlining foundation straight into my veins if I could. So how do you know if your love of beauty has gone a little bit too far?

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Make Up Addiction

Addict Sign: Your handbag is bulging with make-up. You’re the girl in the club toilets who has a crowd around you begging for a spritz of hairspray of a blob of foundation.

Solution: strip right back to basics. Only take out what you absolutely need, ie a mascara, concealer and lipgloss. Trust me, there is no way you need five different lipsticks lurking around in there.

Addict Sign: If you see high-end make-up on sale, you have to buy it. Even if it doesn’t suit you. I once bough an Elizabeth Arden foundation that was more suited to the skin tone of Jessica Alba, not some pale English girl who lives in the freezing north and never tans.

Solution: have a walk round the shop and take a few minutes to really consider your decision. Will the product look good on you? Can you afford it? Are you really getting a good deal?

Addict Sign: Your bedroom resembles a messy drugstore. There’s powder all over the mirrors. There are lipsticks rolling round under the bed. There are 10 broken blushers cluttering up your drawer.

Solution: Have a clearout. It sounds simple, but can be hard to do in practice. Be tough on yourself and throw away anything that you haven’t used for a few months or doesn’t suit you. It helps to have a friend with you who can encourage you to throw away old makeup/perhaps take some off your hands. Or even better…keep it all but just get the best makeup bag that EVER existed that fits in EVERYTHING.

Addict Sign: You never finish a product before buying a new one.

Solution: Try to stick with just a few trusted products. I know it’s tempting to buy the latest of everything, but if you’ve found something that works for you, why rush to change it? Find a few key pieces that suit you and try to stick with them until they run out. You can always ask for samples at the beauty counters if you have an itch to try something new.

Addict Sign: You get a massive rush of adrenaline when you see all those gorgeous shiny make-up counters and have to buy something to keep the feeling going.

Solution: Again, take a break. If you’re in a department store, take a look round the clothes until the make-up buzz wears off. Chances are, by the time you come back, you won’t feel as tempted to splurge on pricey make-up you cant afford.

Addict Sign: You feel left out when your friends buy makeup and you want some too.

Solution: this one requires good old fashioned willpower! Last week I was with two friends who each bought a fabulous Illamasqua lipstick. I was jealous, but I resisted temptation and walked out of there feeling proud of myself and £16 better off. Just because a friend is buying something doesn’t mean you need it too.

Addict Sign: You’re constantly checking your face. In the mirror, in a car window, in your phone, in the back of a spoon (yes, I am guilty of all of these). You’re constantly panicking and asking people ‘is my eyeliner still ok?’

Solution: Try and limit your checks to just a couple a day. Relax and enjoy yourself; your friends will tell you if your make-up is starting to look a bit dodgy. If you’re a constant eyeliner worrier you can combat that instantly, eyeliner stamps are real & save lives.

And that’s that! I hope my tips helped you. And if you really can’t cut down, and end up totally broke until payday, at least you’ll look amazing!


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