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In August last year I posted about Mago hair, the no maintenance hair extensions and, quite rightly, everyone has been intrigued. Really? NO maintenance hair extensions – sounds too good to be true. You can watch the video of me talking about them here.

What do you mean by no maintenance hair extensions Steph?

Let me clarify – what I define as a maintenance is going to get your extensions tightened or refitted, usually every 6-8 weeks, taking a few hours each time. With Mago hair extensions, you do have to maintain them as in you have to look after them, brush them, check your roots aren’t getting matted (because your hair naturally sheds constantly, the hair that would usually fall out gets trapped in by the bonds so you need to make sure you keep on top of it). Preferably go for regular blow dries with the person who fitted the extensions just so that they can make sure everything is all looking ok. Don’t just get them fitted, piss off for 6 months and come back with dreadlocks because you haven’t even so much as bothered to run a brush through your hair ok? That’s not what no maintenance means gals.

What’s it like having Mago hair in?

So anyway, I had them fitted in August last year and since then I have not been in to have them tightened, refitted or otherwise. In fact, for the most part, it’s really easy to forget that you have extensions in at all. The bonds are really small so you can tie your hair up without big wefts or rings on display and because of the way they attach to your hair you don’t really lose them in the same way you do with microrings for example. I think during the whole 6 months I lost about 20 bonds – this is about the same as what I’d lose during maybe 3 weeks with microrings.

What about when they grow out?

I got to the point where they’d grown so far down my head (almost 2 inches) that they were starting to annoy me a little bit and I had to keep on top of the shedded hair tangling more often. With Mago hair extensions, they attach to your hair via a little cotton knot (meaning no damage to your own hair whatsoever), then to remove them you just snip the knot and they slide right out. Because you have to cut the knot to remove them, they can’t be refitted again using the Mago method. That being said, the hair is expected to still be in decent nick after 6 months so you have 2 options; you can either get it put back in using microrings OR you can buy more Mago hair. I went for the second option because I wanted a colour change.


Do they hurt?

The removal (very much like the installation) was completely pain free and my own hair had grown really long while they were in and it wasn’t damaged at all. You can see an example of how Tawny at Electric Unicorn removed them in the video below and how good my own hair was looking.

How are they a second time round?

After my colour change but the lovely Kay from Elegance Hair from purple to a kind of salted caramel balayage (because you can’t just have normal caramel anymore can you??) Tawny fitted the brand new Mago hair extensions (I have 18 inch in the picture/video below) and now I’m a week on and once again, it just feels like my own hair. There’s no headaches or scalp itching or pulling or anything like that.

Are they good?

So for everyone who’s messaged me over the last 6 months asking for an update on how I’m getting on with them, here you go – 6 months on and I still think they’re the best thing since Posh Spice turned up with hair extensions in 2000 after rocking a pixie cut and the whole world was like “WUUUUUUTTTT???”


Are they expensive?

Mago hair isn’t the cheapest method of getting hair extensions fitted when you look at the initial outlay – but you definitely do get what you pay for. Also when you factor in that you’ll be missing out on 3 or 4 refits (which can be a couple of hundred quid each time) then actually long term, they do work out cheaper and much, MUCH less hassle.

For prices please contact Electric Unicorn hair – I can’t tell you exactly how much they’d be because it depends on the length and volume of hair you need, plus they have a discount on until the end of January I believe so if you’re going to book, book fast. For my volume and length it was around £600.

I’m a hairdresser, these sound boss. How do I get trained?

Mago Hair will be at HJLive in Londons Excel in February and will be running a competition to win a free fitting of Mago Extensions. Also there will be one off show discounts on the Training academies so you can get your 2018 date booked. Alternatively, get in touch with Mago hair directly via their Instagram.

Now go forth and flick all that amazing hair like you just don’t care XOXO


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