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I love summer as a season. I love being warm. I love how amazing Liverpool looks in the summer. I love jetting off on holiday and I love having a real tan. That being said, winter fashion is so much easier to pull off. Am I fat or am I just wearing lots of layers? You’ll never know. There’s some statement winter pieces I love and some winter wardrobe essentials that I absolutely live in through the colder months because they just go with any outfit.

A pair of black ankle boots

These will go with any outfit and smarten it up; legging, jeans, tight and a skirt. Ankle boots are your friend. The block heel is comfortable so you can have all the comfort of flats while adding the leg elongation and sophistication of heels. They also lift you out of puddles so you don’t end up with soggy ballet flats in the rain. I had a pair from Office and they lasted me 3 whole winters before becoming too wrecked to carry on. I’ve updated my ‘black ankle boot’ this year with these ones from River Island which is almost exactly the same. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

An A-line skirt

‘Tights with a skirt’ is a no brainer during winter – it’s a lazy but effective outfit choice. You can rock mini skirts that you may not dare to wear bare-legged in summer just by teaming them with super dark opaque tights. I’ve absolutely lived in this leather embroidered skirt below from Very (now sold out, but here’s some similar ones) this year  and even though it’s technically a statement piece, because there’s so many colours in the embroidery it goes with so many different tops. So now it’s one of my winter wardrobe essentials.

I also picked up this velvet mirrored skirt (below) for half price in the French Connection sale and I already know it’s going to be a definitely favourite…

A fabulous jumper

I really struggle with jumpers. They always feel quite frumpy on me because I’m quite large in the chest area, but it is winter so I suppose we’ll have to include one. I’ve ordered loads of stuff from the Michelle Keegan range at Very and I’ve absolutely loved every single thing. She is a goddess and I now love her loads. If there’s anyone I’d trust to get a jumper right it’s her. Hers are more fitted and less baggy; these are my favourites…

A decent pair of leggings

I’ve banged on about these for a while and I need to get them into a blog post so I can direct people to it when I get asked about them – which is ALL THE TIME. I am more than happy to share the secret leggings love. I discovered these leggings about 6 months ago when I realised it was time to ditch my Topshop maternity leggings for good (THEY ARE SUCH GOOD LEGGINGS!). They’re called confident curve leggings and they come in tall, petite and plus range. They’re totally opaque, they don’t fall down, they’re high waisted and the waist band sucks you in – all for only £15. Absolute bargain. Who says leggings can’t be smart office attire eh?

A super cosy coat

I can’t stop buying coats. I absolutely LOVE winter coat. I have a two stand out favourites this year. One is my big furry one (below) from Boudoir Boutique in Cavern Walks and the other is my blue velvet one, again from the Michelle Keegan collection. It’s now sold out but look here because there’s some dead dead similar ones. A good coat can not only make you warm but make your outfit.

Party dress

They don’t call it party season for nothing so obviously a gorgeous party dress is a must. Ideally, if you’re being super frugal and into the whole capsule wardrobe thing then you should choose something plain that you can accessorise to make loads of different outfits with… but where’s the fun in that. These are some of my favourite party dresses this winter…

Michelle Keegan Monochrome Maxi

Ted Baker Shocking Pink scallop edge dress

Boohoo Nude lace dress (ONLY £12 IN THE SALE!)

Happy being cosy and making up loads of new outfits with your winter wardrobe essentials  😘


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