Scouse Bird Problems – New brows, new me.

Posted On: 14/10/2014

By: Scouse Bird

I had my eyebrows tattooed last year and it was without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done for my face. Click here to read the original article explaining the process and… whether or not it hurts! With great brows comes great responsibility though and one has to ensure that you complete regular maintenance. While SPMU (Semi Permenant Make up) means a lot less maintenence than your average brow regime (and it eliminates the chance of drawing your brows on wonky on the way to work and having a full on bitch fit) you still need to get them topped up about once a year.

my original brows. sly isn’t it?


after the first time i had them done. much better. soz about the state of my post tattoo smokey eye

As the skin heals on your tattoo it can grow back a little around the edges meaning that your brows will look a little smaller and GOD FORBID a Scouse Bird’s eyebrows look smaller. Fuck that. This grow back (and plenty of holidays abroad) can also cause a slight colour tinge depending on the shade you opted for (in my case the tinge was purple). These are all inperceptible to the average person on the street you understand so don’t think you’ll be walking round with purple eyebrows or anything but to Hayley my eyebrow artist… well they were making her fume so she insisted I get them done.

one year on

She slightly reshaped them making them a little squarer near the nose and of course, a little bit bigger. She also added in a tiny amount of green to balance out the purple meaning the colour has been corrected.

My hair is loads lighter than it was when I initially got them done so I was a bit taken aback when they were first topped up – they looked like big black slugs! The reception to them on Instagram was a little mixed as well, however I trust Hayley with my face nipples completely. One week later and they’re looking fabulous and better than ever – I love the new shape and colour. I’m back to raising my eyebrows at kitten heel wearers in bitchy judgement.

designing the new shape

just after tattooing… little bit scary!

one week later – fully healed

If you’re still nervous about taking the plunge when it comes to tattooing your face you can always go and see Fran, Malinkis HD brow girl and test the water. She can sort your brows out for £25 or if you bring a friend she’ll see you both for £40. Bargain.


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