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There are so many extension brands out there at the moment that it’s really difficult knowing which to choose. I’ve already reviewed a couple on here but I’ve found there can be  a difference in quality between the best brands for blonde and brunette extensions. For eg I’ve used a brand’s blonde before and they were absolutely horrendous, I kept them in for about a week, whereas I’ve had the same brand’s brunette ones from May to November of this year and I’ve only just changed them due to the bonds breaking down.

My blonde friend Lizzy recently got some extensions from a new local brand ‘Prestige Hair Extensions’. Here’s what she had to say about them:

“The first time I had extensions was the August before last. I got clip in ones and absolutely loved them. A few months later I decided I wanted some sewn in, and I hated the experience. I couldn’t handle the itchy weave and headache during the application! When I heard about the micro ring weft I was so intrigued, so I obviously had to get some. I went to Jenna at her new shop ‘Lovely’ in Ormskirk and the shop itself is gorgeous! I decided I wanted 20″ extensions and Jenna explained that the weft was on micro rings so there would be no damage to my natural hair at all – every girls dream! The application itself was absolutely pain free but the hair was still tight and secure. I got four rows of hair and couldn’t stop doing hair flips – it felt amazing. It took about an hour, if that, to apply. Micro ring wefts are now 100% my favourite type of extensions, there’s no way I’d go back to a weave. The Prestige hair is still really thick and long. It’s so easy to look after, the quality of the hair is gorgeous. As I’m blonde, I like to use silver shampoo on my hair and was worried about how the extensions would react to silver shampoo, but it was fine and worked really well*. The hair blows fabulous too, and works with any hair style – if it straighten it, it stays straight and if I curl it the curls stay in for days! I prefer this hair to the last brand I had as it styles easier and is much better quality. As the weft is sewn onto lace it lies much flatter against my head.”

I’ve noticed they’ve had some celebrity clients lately too, namely Tara from MTV’s new show Beauty School Cop Outs and the gorgeous Elissa Corrigan. It sounds like these are going to be the next big hit in the extension world.

Look out for a competition shortly to win your own Prestige wefts. You’ll be looking unbeweaveable for the Xmas party!

Prestige extensions are available in wefts, pre-bonded & Microring & are now available in salons across the country and from their website

*whilst Lizzy was ok using silver shampoo Prestige Hair Extensions advise against it as it reduces the life of the extensions and dries them out more quickly.



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