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We all have a fantasy of being able to mould our bodies like plasticine right? While the majority of us would ditch fat around the belly, legs, chins and of course ham arms, most of us would probably like to stick a bit on in the boob area. Surgery is an extreme and expensive option, a step too far for most – is there an alternative? Well yeh, now there is.

Purerise clinic on Rodney St are offering a new treatment, taking about 30-40 minutes at a time, which promises to stimulate the proteins in your breast tissue making them firmer and fuller for up to a week. This time period can even be increased with a regular course of treatment.

I went and had it done last week and the whole procedure is a bit hilarious. After a quick boob examination (Caroline the owner is a firm advocate of regularly checking your breasts for lumps) she attaches a couple of orange and clear perspex cones to you so you look a bit like an Austin Powers style cyborg, or possibly Katy Perry in the California Girls video…just with less cream shooting out your nipples. These then become hoovers and you can watch as you tits undulate up and down in the cones. It’s all a bit mad!

It’s surprising how many girls want to get this particular insecurity off their chest (boom) so to speak and Caroline has got loads of stories of girls actually breaking down in tears of happiness in the office as they’re so pleased with the results.

So does it work?

Having been blessed by mother nature and ‘me ma’ with D cups I didn’t really notice a difference in size but they were definitely firmer and fuller, especially at the top – the bit prone to sagging. I got a second opinion off the fella and he agreed. I’m sure no one will be short of volunteers willing to compare before and afters.

How much does it cost?

It’s £50 a session or £250 for a course of 6 so it’s good value for money if you want a temporary boost to your funnest assets – the funbags.

Would I recommend?

Yes, it’s perfect for a special occasion like a wedding or the races or even a week away with the girls. It’s not going to sort you out forever but then even surgery only lasts for a few years at a time.

Where can you get it done?

Purerise Transform at 72 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AF. 0151 707 8881. www.purerise.co.uk

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