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Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that fancy dress parties generally result in some pretty outrageous stories to relate back over drinks for months afterwards…

When people dress up usually their inhibitions are lowered which usually means people are more up for a laugh than usual – but choosing the perfect costume can be tricky. For men it’s easy – anything remotely funny or original is going to get you praise – but even if you shit out and go for the standard cowboy/army guy ensemble, you’re never really going to make any drastic mistakes.

So that said, this is one for the girls…

I could go through all of the horrible, outrageous and, quite often, indecent outfits I’ve seen over the years, but at the risk of this post turning into me ranting about people I hate in general, here are the Top Three Tips to keep in mind before you choose your costume:

Unless you’re going for a cute “geek-girl” outfit, these should be avoided like the plague. I don’t care how big a fan you are of “The Girls Next Door”, or that your old school tie is the “only thing you can find in your wardrobe that would do” (liar) not only are these possibly the most unoriginal choices, (leaving to exposed to direct comparison to the other 12 girls wearing their version of the exact same outfit), but you will be automatically labelled as a slut – yes I know it’s not fair, but that’s life.

Girls, I get it… fancy dress parties are a cracking excuse to get your slut on and, formost of us, our one and only chance to do so. But there are plenty of ways to look a bit kinky without being so god damn obvious. Get a bit imaginative with it – this is a chance to have a laugh, win some points for creativity and show off your amazing personality (which, let’s face it isn’t going to shine through in a Bunny outfit… unless your personality is slut, in which case go for it!) 

Disney characters and 1990′s cartoons are a never-ending source of brilliant costume ideas – (as long as you steer away from the Disney Princesses) and usually you can find a kid’s costume online that’s big enough for you to tailor into something wearable. (For example, I altered an aged 12-13 boy’s Buzz Lightyear costume by cutting the leg’s off and adding elastic to turn them into over the knee socks, adding a piece of esastic to either side of the top and just buying a cheap pair of white shorts!)

Ann Summer’s outfits, whilst being great for whatever bedroom antics you plan on getting up to, stand out like a sore thumb as just that – Ann Summers outfits. Like with the bunny girl outfit, these are likely to give you the unfair title as “party slut”… and anyway girls, you can come up with something more original than that!

Plus, PVC is never a good look!

I know that it seems like a hilariously original idea for you and a gang of friends to go to the party dressed as presents/giant Spongebob’s or anything that involves strapping a giant cardboard box around yourself – but I can promise you the novelty wears off almost immediately… and certianly by the time you’ve downed your first drink and have to charge your way to the toilet knocking everyone over in the process. Within an hour you’ll find that you’ve lost your box and have to spend the rest of the night wearing nothing but that stupid top and indecent leggings that you wore underneath.

Trust me. I’ve been there.

Most importantly girls, buy your costume a few days in advance; this will give you the chance to throw it on and have a dance round your bedroom just to be sure that you’re going to be comfortable enough to still have fun!

After all, that’s what fancy dress parties are all about!



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