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Fake Tan..It’s rare that I fall in love with a product, there’ll be products I like sure, there’ll even be products I REALLY like but do I ever get ‘obsessed’ with a product the way every beauty blogger seems to? Nah not really. But I do love this Skinny Tan.

That’s why I’ve had to do this blog about Skinny Tan, because I really am obsessed with it. I first tried it in time for the races and I had a very scary Ladies Day Eve. I used the gel and the guide tan goes on extremely streaky. No matter what I tried to do to even it out, it just seemed to become more streaky – and I’m a veteran fake tanner. I frantically googled reviews of Skinny Tan (because I couldn’t be arsed looking like I was a teenager from Coventry let loose on the Sun Shimmer for the first time) and found that it was normal for the guide tan to streak and it should wash off evenly. I prayed and went to sleep – in my Tansie of course.

Side note: If you’re not on to Tansies yet then you need to give them a go. I’ve been stocking them for the past couple of years and they’re always in the best seller list. It’s basically a onesie you wear after tanning and it protects your sheets from stains. There’s no elastic so your ankles and wrists don’t streak and the fabric is breathable so you’re not sweating your tits off. Also, you can wash and reuse it on a gentle/handwash cycle in the machine. And all that for under £8. Bargain. Shop for the Tansie here.

The tan did wash off evenly the next day and best of all it was a lovely natural colour. I didn’t look ‘orange’ so at least there was no chance of the Daily Racist papping me on that account. It was just a nice, sunkissed colour.

Then as an added Brucey bonus, when it fades it doesn’t come off in patches – like at all. It just gradually fades all over, like a normal actual tan.

I’m dead lazy when it comes to doing my tan and to be honest the flakiness when it’s fading really gets on my wick so I never bother doing my tan unless it’s for a night out or special occasion – and even then, not if I can get away without it. Since the races I’ve tanned nearly every week – it gives such a nice result for relatively little fuss (you still have to prise your fella’s hands off the PS4 remote to do you back) that it’s actually worth it.

As for the ‘skinny’ bit – Skinny Tan apparently contains all sort of fancy anti-cellulite doo-dahs – I don’t know if it’s helped me out with than or not because, praise the good genes of my parents, even at my chunkiest, I don’t really suffer with the dreaded cottage cheese thighs. One thing I cansay though is that everyone looks and feels better with a tan – let’s face it.

Skinny Tan is exclusive to Superdrug – shop the range here. I used the 7 day tanner and the after glow gloss.

Remember the tan rules? well just incase here they are.


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